23 August 2011

BrAiN sToRm


I have been thinking a lot recently and wanted to unload my brain on all of you!

I feel a lot better after writing things so I wanted to write it all down, like a brain storm!

I am first going to tell you my worries!

My first worry at the moment is money, as usually I'm always worried about it, I hate money it ruins your life! I have tried so hard with the No Spend thing but its just not working at the moment, I really need something to change and I don’t know what, but I'm not going to give up I'm going to keep trying.

Part of my money worries are the fact I'm going to Brussels, its going to be a big weight on my finances! I know that my parents and grandparents are helping me a lot, as it was a last minute thing and its for a really important conference, that will affect my life a lot, so I have to go, but the stress is making me feel uneasy!

The other money worry is that I am supposed to be going to Hospital in October in London, and these trips are really important as I get my medication changed but because of all the expenses its going to mean I have to put if off until February at the earliest! Which is not good!!!

So those are my main worries at the moment, I just hate having to think about money and everything, so I'm putting stuff on ebay to try and make some extra money but to be honest leaving it this late to book the tickets wont work.

I do have one other money worry, and this is an important one, (sort of), well I am going to the Philofaxy meet up in September and I need to buy my pocket Filofax, and all my 2012 diary inserts, including my mothers, my boyfriends. And plan some xmas presents whilst there!

But I don’t know if I can afford it, so I'm auctioning off some of my Filofaxes!!

Here are the Links: -

Cow Print Lloyd Baker Diary Like Filofax Pocket

The other thing on my mind is that I have been thinking for a while I really really really would love to learn to be a Wedding Planner!!! I love everything to do with it and I love organising people and planning things and I think it would be such an interesting, exciting, complicated, difficult job, with things always changing!

I was going to use my birthday money to start the course but I never had enough or got around to it, so maybe my Christmas money?

Would be such an amazingly fun thing to do!

So what is going on in your heads at the moment? Anything difficult, hard, stressful?

Love you all you lovely people!



  1. Another great post Imy.

    Can I just say, don't waste your money on a Wedding Planner course! There are so many wedding planners already out there, I am not sure as a personal business it would take off. I would suggest instead, maybe trying to work for a Wedding Planner first to see if it really is something you want to do and how to get into the market! Because the market is tough! I planned my wedding and it took 2 yrs because I did EVERYTHING, and man it is stressful but the most rewarding achievement, but I could never plan anyone else's! Just please reconsider this one!

    Money troubles us all, and I have to say anything that needs to be done for work or medical is a must and get's priority. The Philofaxy meetup whilst wonderful if it is going to cause you unnecessary worry and stress then skip it. You can buy the refills online and cheaper. I know that is not what you want to hear, but there is nothing worse than attending something but continuously worrying about it. I would put the money towards my hospital appt if I had to be honest. Sorry! If your Brussels trip is work, why aren't they paying for it?

    Hope this helps!

  2. Sharon - I probably never will do it, would just like to do something other than this crappy secretary job i really hate being a secretary it just so boring, i have nothing else i could do i have no other qualifications, other than to be a secretary and i hate it!

    I am going to the Philofaxy meet up and buying myself something as so many other things that i really wanted to do this year were cancelled because of money things, and this is the only thing im looking forward to and if i dont go i just am seriously on the edge, I need to actually do something i have been looking forward to.

    The hospital trip, they understand i cannot afford it, and there is nothing i can do about that, i am just going to stay on the meds they prescribed me and just change it later, just means i will be on something thats not working, but i am not going to die or anything, as long as i keep up with it all.

    Brussels trip isn;t work its for Intersex UK which is something im in the process of setting up with some other people to get equal rights for intersex perople and to try to get people more educated on intersex people, there is so much crap that goes on for intersex people that we need to make a stand, and its all quite stressful.

    Therefore another reason i have to go to philofaxy meet up i really need to see all the people who make me very happy including you, as i think i will loose my mind else :-(


  3. Can the other people of intersex not help fund the trip? It seems a shame that if it is something you are so passionate about is causing you so much angst. Xx

  4. One thing that helps me with stress is making lists. And realizing that you can only do what you can do. Recognize what is out of your control.

    Money is a huge stressor for most people. When I was your age, I had a really well-paying job, but I still didn't have any money because I was stupid about how I spent it. I had lots of "stuff" but a lot/most of it I didn't need, just wanted. I had the $$, so why not.

    Looking back I wish I had been more thoughtful in my spending and I wish I had started THEN setting aside some (even just $25 a paycheque) for retirement savings, etc.

    Now, I am making good $$ (as is my husband - he's always made good $$) and I am concentrating more on paying our mortgage off early and having money set aside for our nice holiday in a month's time. When I wasn't working, I kept us on a strict budget (i.e. ME on a budget) and I didn't really miss things I would normally have bought without a second thought.

    As Sharon said, anything to do with work or medical needs are a MUST; don't put it off if you can.

    I know that doesn't help much, but know that we all think so much of you and hope you won't get too stressed out and worried!!

  5. oh, another thing - I don't know how it is in the UK, but are there any opportunities for funding for you to retrain for a different occupation? If you're not happy doing what you are right now, look around, research and see what else might interest you, then plan how to make it happen.

  6. Stressing about money is fairly common, I would think. Oddly, it's not one of the things I stress about (but I tend to stress about minor things). I don't have any great tips for you, but it helps me to keep track of everything I spend money on so that I can rein myself in if it gets out of control. It may help to look at things one piece at a time though. I often get overwhelmed with looking at the big picture. With lists (like Terri), I can break something big into smaller pieces and focus on each item one at a time. That usually helps me.

    The other thing I want to say is, you should totally look into being a wedding planner if that's something you're interested in! You already have the one (or two or three) tool that's essential - your Filo!