16 February 2012

If Wishes were Fishes...

.........We would all cast out nets to the sea!

I was curious earlier as to if someone was given one wish or one thing they can have or do what it would be. I obviously knew people would say money! But I was curious as to other answers people may give, so about an hour or so ago I asked this question on Facebook:
If you could have one wish right this second and you could DO or HAVE anything what would it be?
And the responses I received were interesting...I am not going to mention ANY names or anything, the people who gave the answers are going to remain anonymous!

My two favorite answers were....

I would want _______ (< insert boys name there) :) 


 finding a great boyfriend

Some other examples i got were interesting...

the power to kill 6 people and get away with it....and yes i know who the 6 are...

A million squid

find a great job

Money. Lots of money.

10 bilions pounds

well i would choose to have at least 3 different things, money, love and great job

I don't want to post all of the responses I received.    

If I could have anything right now, it would be that special guy I like, nothing material, I like money but I would rather have someone to be close with and care about ANY DAY!  

So if you could have ANYTHING you want or anything you want to do what would it be? 


  1. Ten wishes, then on the last wish, I would wish for ten more wishes!! Never ending!!! HAHAHAHA (I've thought about this for a long time, since watching the Queen's Nose when I was little!!!)

  2. TPS - WOW I remember the queens nose!!!! HAHA that was such a random programme!!!

    But you cannot wish for 10 more wishes that is just greedy!

  3. I used to watch the Queen's Nose too!

    Usually I pretend that I'd wish for an end to poverty or something equally nice, but to be honest at the moment I just wish to be 100% healthy for life. I'm fed up of being ill!

    And then once I was better, I could work hard to help people in poverty. So I would be nice in the end!

  4. I got my man ... GIMME THE MOOLAH!!!! :oD

  5. Tali - You are lucky :-P

    Millie - hehe :-) I would love all my health to be sorted too, but feel that would be asking too much! lol the long list i have hahahah

    Yours is very sensible :-) I like it :-D xxxx