17 August 2011

Pocket Domino Filofax Review + Giveaway!

Hello Muffins

The lovely WHSmiths have sent me a very pretty Pocket Domino Filofax to review! 

P.s there is a competition at the end ;-)

I didn’t know what Filofax to expect, I was not told what would be delivered, I felt so excited, I got home and saw the parcel, I didn’t even know what size, but I had a feeling it could be a personal, just as that is the most popular size.

I opened it up, and I was amazed by its beauty, its not a top of the range one, but the colour just stands out so much and looks so beautiful! It just goes perfectly against the white band.

As you can tell I got a bit carried away at taking photos of the outside, and I even got out my DSLR too take the photos to make them extra special, it was so hard to catch the beauty of this colour, I think it’s the Ultra Violet, I’m not too sure.

I will give you a brief set out of the details of the Filofax then will show you more inside and what it comes with.

The Pocket Filofax has 19mm rings which are plenty big enough for the size of the diary, on the inside it has 4 credit card pockets and two full length pockets, at the back it has an elasticated pen loop, which means any pen can fit in to this lovely organizer. Inside it has a sued look material which is between cream and grey, and it shows the purple colour through the credit card slots!

So now on to the inside of the Filofax, and what it comes with.

The inside looks like this, it comes with a 2011/2012 week to view diary, which goes from 27 July 2011 to 2 January 2013, so that means it can cover you for an academic year, for school, college or uni depending on what you do.

Also to cater for people going “back to school” it has a space to write your classes and grades to keep a record throughout the year, and on the next page it has a timetable to record your lesson plans for school/college/uni. Which is very useful as it means it is all in one place!

After the diary it has an address section with A-Z dividers, and plenty of address pages to put one in each section.

Behind this are 6 numbered dividers to use for your personal preference, whether it is keep notes or just write to do lists.

At the very back is a clear plastic wallet to put in pictures or other bits and bobs.

It is a lovely Filofax and a perfect Filofax to have for Back To School!

If you want to buy one go on to WHSmiths, you can view all their lovely Filofaxes and 2012 inserts!

I was not paid to do this review it was my own honest opinion!

It breaks my little heart to give this beauty away, and I know I already have a competition going but, if you want to win this lovely Filofax then all you have to do is comment below telling me why you deserve it! Leave an email address if you do not have any type of account so I can contact you, the winner will be chosen at random on 31 August 2011!

Look forward to reading your entries!



  1. Ooh what a beautiful colour :) I love it x

  2. I love this filofax sooo much- i have the personal one already in the same gorgeous colour, and a pocket one would be great to keep in my bag!! xx

  3. Ooh pretty! I'd love to win this, I'd use it to project my house move and renovations hehe!

  4. Love the color of this beauty! Maybe you SHOULD keep her for yourself.

  5. Would love to win this for my daughter who actually IS going back to school and shares my Filofax infatuation...! ;-)

  6. Love the colour, I didn't realise they did those inserts for school timetables etc.

    I think this deserves to go to me me me.... no it really should go to a young and up and coming student who can fall in love with the Filofax range and once they are hooked we can enable them!!!

    My vote goes to Jotje's DD so far....

  7. omg its gorgeous. I feel i deserve to win one because i cant afford one, im having a midlife crisis at the mere age of 20 and need to get my life in priority, i feel a gorgeous filofax..may help

    hehehe :)
    email; ems.birch@hotmail.co.uk

  8. I would love to win this filofax because... um.. my favourite colour is purple! Fanx :-) xo

  9. hmmm why do i deserve this? not just because i love your blog? :D

    well since i'm preggers there's a lot of things i need to keep track of now, and once the baby's here, i will have to track food and diapers and what not.

  10. For the record, I'm not submitting my name for the contest ... I just wanted to say that it was pretty and that you were generous for gifting it to one of your readers. I am with Steve ... it needs to go to someone deserving and who needs it, andit would be a perfect starter Filo for jotje's daughter ... anyway. Just wanted to officially make sure you didn't put my name into the hat, okay? Thanks for being such a sweetie, Imy!

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my personal Domino and this would be the perfect partner for it as I want a pocket sized one for my handbag. My daughter has a pocket Finsbury which needs a new diary insert...what a cool mum I would be if I was able to give her this one!!

  12. this is a gorgeous colour, i love purple!!!! i like the idea of the timetable. it wud come in handy for my uni lectures. whoever wins this is very lucky :)

  13. Hi, my name is Olga, from Seville, Spain and I just ran into Philofaxy and your blog accidentally about a month ago. I'm hooked!!! I got laid off in April and am recycling myself through online courses while I take care of my mom, so I thought a FF would be a great idea to organize my life at this point. I'm already the proud owner of a beautiful Raspberry Pocket Chameleon, I'm totally in looooove.
    Amazingly enough, this Ultraviolet pocket Domino is what I was thinking of giving my sister for heer upcoming birthday, so she too can be converted...

    Congratulations on such a fun and entertaining blog.


  14. I recently caught the bug and bought my first Filofax a few months ago - and now have to have another! I would love to try a pocket sized Domino - so pretty!

  15. I love the color! I have been wanting a pocket size for quite some time; this would be perfect!

  16. WH Smith certainly have a great product, great size, bright colour and excellent inserts. Just what Filofax was made for!

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  18. Well, new to the world of filofaxes and still not sure whether I need one, if I won this beautiful little diary I would soon know!! ;0)

  19. I carry many bits and bobs to get mme through the day and the Domino would soon become my new best friend. My pockets would be most appreciative too! :)

  20. I would love the gorgeous ultraviolet filofax for a number of different reasons:

    1) my current diary is pants and has fallen apart (this is the diary i photographed for the filofax college competition)
    2) purple is my most favourite colour, it would look wonderful in my purple bag, with my purple phone and my purple purse.
    3) i desperately need a filofax to get my life/social life in order
    4) i'm in a filofax college without owning a filofax...wtf is that about!

    Please please please pick me to win this gorgeous piece of handbag candy
    - Caroline x

  21. I, too, vote for Jotje's daughter - gotta start them young!

    The colour isn't one of my favourites, but I really like how the card slots on the inside cover have the colour coming through - cute!!

  22. I love the Blue colour it's my favorite!!!
    I need a day planner because my life lacks organisation and the colour will make me happy :) xo

  23. Honestly, I've never owned Filofax yet. I've got notebooks/planners from all continents on Earth (except, of course, Antarctica), but never managed to get Filofax. This one has amazing color and would be perfect for my next academic year's schedule. And this, well, could be my first Filofax.