21 February 2012

Rings Rings Rings

No I do not mean Engagement Rings, Eternity Rings, Jewelery Rings, I mean the most important rings in a Filofax persons life! The size of their Filofax rings!

So the standard size in personal I believe is 23mm.....

I prefer to have bigger but not many organisers do have 30mm rings, unless its zipped etc, but then it can get more awkward! And I know that most Filofax people would agree with me on this that we need BIG RINGS!!!

So looking at the Temperley collection from the pictures I assumed, normal 23mm rings as they are both kind of personal sized, one being zipped, one being with a Flex compartment....BUT the rings are not!

Both the Guinea and the Affair are both classed as "Compact" Filofaxes, which means they are slimline personals but with clasps or zips, BUT I really would not class the Affair as Compact as its quite large being the fact it holds an A5 Flex note pad, which is bigger than person which makes it larger.

Now to the point.....it only has 15mm rings! I really was in love with this Filofax until I read that, I could physically not use a Filofax with rings smaller than 23mm, the ones in my Finchley are so stuffed as it is...I need the large ringage!

See above...my beautiful Filofax, if I had much more I could not turn the pages, and this has been tried and tested!

(You will remember in my Cuban Zipped video, Damien remembering the ring sizes....just is funny, he really didn't get the whole ring thing)

So for me I believe 15mm rings would be awful!!!!

Now what do you think? What ring size is perfect for you? What ring size is too small? etc

I love Kate....I just saw this picture made me remember our Fun Bristolian Adventure :-)



  1. Thanks Imy, I love you too!! And I second your vote for bigger rings!! :D :D



  3. Yes, bigger rings are needed in all sizes of filofax! I also share your thoughts on the new temperely - just not practical. I get the impression she is designing more binders so hopefully we may get a more traditional one which is truly beautiful.

  4. I'd like 19mm rings in Personal Filos.