09 July 2012

Filofax Dilemma 101

As some of you may of seen this weekend I have been posting my Filofax dilemma on Twitter @imysworld about how I am wondering if I should up-size from Pocket to Personal...

I was thinking of starting a fresh as I am now a year older....22.....very old I know!  I feel like I need to approach things in a different way to keep track of things!

I was wondering should I up-size to my Personal Black Amazona or stick with my Pocket Malden Zipped Compact (which I do actually love).


There they are together...

Here is what I did in my pocket to make me want to use her more?



I tried to cheer it up and make it more attractive to use but I just cant decide??

Shall I start a fresh or continue with what has worked so far?



  1. I'M SORRY IMY!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you :) xx

  2. Maybe try calling the dog? BTW, does your amazona lay flat? xx

  3. I'm going to be no help either I'm afraid - the inserts in the pocket look so cute and the Maldens are fab, but the Amazona does look gorgeous... good luck with your decision x

  4. The tape around the diary pages must be time consuming, plus you are losing space to write. Can I ask why you are considering moving up to personal, what areas do you feel you need more space?

  5. I know now what I want to use my Pocket Malden in Purple as I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! I have been playing with it alot recently and decided it is the one I love!!!

    SSA - Its very time consuming BUT it makes my filofax so much more wanting to be used...when I leave it plain I am not as motiviated to use it and play with it, therefore i put the tape to make me want to use it more ;) It doesn;t loose too much space other than at the weekend!!! BUT the weekends are tiny anyway :( SUCKS!!!!

    Going to try day to a page for a month maybe? or a week not decided but I have it at home so depends how much I fancy putting in ;)

    I do not feel like i need more space at all, it is the perfect size, its just me getting itchy feet as my friends are moving on up and it makes me want to move up, when I am actually VERY happy in POCKET!!!

    Time to set up a a Christmas section in my filofax ;) hahaha

    EARLY I KNOW ;) x

  6. Hello Imy,
    I really LOVE your zipped Purple Compact Malden!!! I´m always thinking about getting one, too.
    BUT: How do you manage to get along with these thin rings????
    Is there enough space for you???
    I´ve just tried it with my little "Holline", my Holborn Pocket...
    But actually I´m living in my Pocket Malden Crimson again.
    Renate :-)