03 August 2012

Pen Issues.....

As you all know I am now in the beautiful Compact Regency..


I have been using a Slimline Metal Barrel on a Frixion insert, it is silver, it just does not feel like it cuts the mustard any more, so I have been looking for a new pen. I bought it from Cult Pens a long time ago!


I decided to order two new pens from Cult Pens to try, but I am not sure, they were around £14 each..

Caran d'Ache 849 Metal Ballpoint Fluo

Caran d'Ache 849 Metal Ballpoint Fluo - in Pink

Spacetec Pearl Ballpoint Pen

Spacetec Pearl Ballpoint Pen - in Silver

This is a SPACE PEN!!! It can write at any angle as it has compressed nitrogen in apparently..

BUT I really really really want the Zebra Sharbo-X-ST3 Multi Pen


In black

You buy alsorts of inserts for it, 2 pens and one pencil, you need to buy it all separately but it would mean i can use black and blue as I prefer to write with blue but forms have to be filled out in black...

So does anyone have any pen recommendations for a Filofax user?


  1. I really like the Spacetec! The design is pretty cool. I tend to use boring old Muji gels and Erasables with the occassional use of a Pental Energel but all of these are quite thick (apart from the Muji gels).

    I don't have any recommendations :( just wanted to say that I love the look of the Spacetec.

  2. Have a look on muji.com for either their erasable pens or they do a 4(i think) in one pen and pencil and all sorts of other pens and they're not too expensive!

  3. I have seen the Caran d'Ache pens in the paperchase near me. They look REALLY nice and striking but Im not sure they would fit a filofax pen loop unless it was elasticated x

  4. I love the Pilot Coleto multi-pens, you can choose whatever refills to use in them- I have 2 of the pens, 1 with black, blue, red and pencil, the other with pink, purple, green and light blue, for all my colour coding needs! I bought them from an ebay seller, very quick service all the way from Hong Kong!