11 October 2011

Things I Couldn't Live Without - September

What could I not live without in September? Now I got this idea from Paper Love Story, and chose to do it. So here are a few different things I could not of lived without in September, things I used daily, things that I just love, I hope you enjoy this and if you want to see more of these let me know!!

P.s. These are in NO particular order! 

Macbook Air

I got my Macbook Air at the beggining of the year or the middle im not sure, but recently my main laptop, the one i edit all my videos photos everything on, DIED! This happend around a month or so ago, but since then i have been relying on this beautiful little Macbook Air, and she has saved me, shes not as fast or has as much memory but i would be lost without her!

Zebra Sharbo Diary Pen

I bought this at the end of August and since i bought it, i have gone NO WHERE without it, its the best pen I have had so far (except for fountain pens which i love), and you can change the inserts, it also has a pencil, this has been my main writing pen for the whole month and i dont see it going anywhere for a long time yet! 

A5 Adelphi Filofax

I bought this just before going to Brussels, and it helped me so much, i took notes in it, i planned the trip so i knew where i had to be, i also planned my trip to London for the Philofaxy Meet up in it! It has been very helpful! And the PERFECT Size!

Blue Inhaler

Throughout September my Asthma seems to of been really bad, maybe its the change in seasons but if it wasn't for it I would be struggling to breath alot more than I am! 

Mulberry Alexa in Chocolate

I would not be able to carry all these things (except my laptop) without this bag, it is so comfortable and it was so useful when going around London at the Philofaxy Meet up as it ment i had one less thing to worry about, as it was accross my body infront of me, it felt safe! I love this bag so much (Review and stuff coming soon!)

That was all the things i have not been able to live without last month, the most important things to me! I hope you have enjoyed it, was all a bit random :-)



  1. Imy,

    That's the best looking picture of an Adelphi I've seen - very nice!

    I love my Mac laptops - I've had three personal ones over the last eleven years: PowerBook G3 (aka BatBook, because of the black finish and rubber trim), iBook and MacBook Pro, and a fourth MacBook Pro in work. They're great machines but they *will* all die one day. Please, do yourself a favour and get a simple external hard drive and set it up to work with Time Machine on your Mac.

  2. Hehe, I took a fancy to the Macbook Airs I saw instore the other day when I got my Pro but the Pro won due to the sheer power they came with! I love it already hehe.

    I also took a look at Mulberry bags but unfortunately, I didn't get a buzz when I picked them up :-(

  3. Gerard - Its lovely isnt it (i used a bit of an iphone filter)

    Ive had 3 too!!! :-D hehe

    Macbook - dad now has, died twice but apple care covered both repairs

    Macbook Pro - No apple care, but graphics have gone, so need to replace that, it does still work and you can use it but ive been advised that if i keep using it the mother board will crash, everything is backed up off it, so its not going to loose anything, i back up regulalry

    Macbook Air - Apple Care, yet to go wrong :-) YAY! lol

    Angela - I love my Macbook Pro but cant use it unfortuantly, so good for making vids so quick :-)

    Oh my how can you not fall in love, were you going to buy one :-) xxx

  4. I went into the store with full intention of buying one - so I tried on the Bayswater and the Alexa and then the Tillie but none were right for me :-( I didn't fall in love with them when they were on my shoulder unfortunately :-(

  5. Imy - no lost data from those past episodes?! You're lucky - my previous two had terminal hard disk errors - big-time bummer :(

    Mmm - Mulberry. I recently swapped out the ring mechanism from a Succes A5 into my old Mulberry Congo (crocodile print) Planner, so it now holds A5 Filofax paper - I call it the Filoberry - YAY!

    Mulberry leather is fantastic - I also have a Heathcliffe document case / laptop bag which is just great.

  6. Angela - oh thats not good, i wish i could buy one :-( I really want a bays i think, maybe a hobo style one not sure :-(

    Gerard - no the normal macbook the hd died on that but i back everything up as often as possible :-) im careful and untrusting of computers hehe :-)

    I LOVE Mulberry i want more, i only have a keyring and alexa, can i see this filofax? :-D xxx

  7. Imy, I'll try to post some pictures to the yahoo group in the next day or two. In case you're not sure what I'm on about, it's here.....


    You'll recognise a lot of the member names from philofaxy :) G

  8. Gerard - Thank you i will go and check it out :-D x

  9. Wow - your Pocket Malden is officially the most girly Filofax in the universe!

    As promised, I put some photos of the Filoberry and friends up on the Yahoo site.