02 November 2012

Midori Traveler's Notebook Inserts Review - 021 Connection Bands

I am going to review the refil 021 Connection Bands today, not that it is actually a refill, but more of a device to hold the whole load together, so here is the packaging, like in the last post...



I thought, OH NO it is all in Japanese!!! How will I read this....

I turned the sheet over after taking it out....


Phew..... English, not that you exactly need instructions, its a very simple piece of kit, but maybe a little too simple.

On reflection, I could of got some exactly the same but more of a lighter brown in my stationery cupboard at work, so I don't really think they are worth the £4.75 which I paid on the Journal Shop, but I wanted to use the real deal. They are a lot more tighter and better quality than normal standard ones you get on your post, but in theory, if it breaks you will get another one on your post the next day so does it really matter.

I would say, if you can find some elastic bands that are cheap which is pretty likely try those out before buying these as it will save you a huge amount!

Here is how I have used them...


You can just see it in between the notebooks, they are used for adding extra notebooks in, but then I am pretty sure that is obvious!

My 2012 and 2013 diary is held together with them..


As you can see I have two on my 2012 Diary as I have used it for extra support against my othernotebook as I do not fully trust the second piece of standard elastic, I will have to re jig it all soon and get it in a better layout, I am not a bit fan of how it is all layed out at the monent.



Are these worth their money? Not really... its just an elastic band

Would I buy these again? Most likely, as I am one of those people who has to have it all from the same brand etc.... I would feel I was cheating using cheap elastic bands... unless they had Barbie Pink ones.....

Should you buy them? NO! Unless you feel the same way as I do about sticking with one brand and are silly like me!

Will do a Fountain Pen test post asap.... I just need to take the photos and write.. The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Dog.... Have a nice weekend

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  1. These posts make me want to get a travelers notebook as well! But, I just got into Filofax so, I think I'll stay awhile. I loved watching your Filofax videos on YouTube though. Very entertaining and informative!