08 February 2013

Mulberry Agenda Queries

I have been thinking about me getting the Mulberry agenda (I bet your all thinking here she goes she has changed her mind) and I was thinking, Pink, even thought it is beautiful and the most beautiful colour on the planet, depending on the finish of the leather it could get very dirty, and as I am planning to use this for a long time the last thing I want is a dirty planner!

Here are the available colours:


Pink (First choice of colour obviously) 


Black Postmans Lock 


Brown Similar to Osterley 





brown osterleyish

Oak Osterley Print 

I love them all and obviously pink is my favorite, but I guess the darker brown goes best with my handbag.

I am obviously going to look at them all thoroughly, but just wanted your opinions!


  1. Go with the pink Hun, it's the colour you want and you may regret not getting the one you really want. You can always run a damp cloth over it to keep dirt from building up.

  2. The darker brown is very nice :-)

  3. I love the Oak Osterley one or the Oak one - really lovely colour!

  4. The blacks and browns/tans are timeless colors and go great with any other color so I would definitely go for either of them.

  5. Oak Brown would probably suit you well, given that it goes well with your purse.
    But I would much rather purchase Black, for obvious reasons:
    Everything ALWAYS goes with black.
    It makes a brilliant appearance. Pure class. Wherever you are.
    If you were here in the states-especially in NYC you would for sure consider picking black.
    You might change purses as you change your work environment--and black will look good--and professional-anywhere.
    But knowing you, you'll likely pick the Osterly type of oak or dark brown. Lol
    Thats the fun--the hunt for the best!
    Good luck!

  6. Pink. You'll be looking at it every day ... you need a color that will make you smile. And in my opinion, don't worry about the dirt -- wear and tear = character!

  7. Pink,pink,pink! It is so gorgeous.You can always use a gentle leather cleaner if it gets a bit grubby(which I'm sure it won't!).

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  9. I would get the pink one, because this has always been your number 1 and your heart's desire, obviously. And it is gorgeous!!
    If you get the chocolate one or another one (which are beautiful as well, no doubt) you might always have the pink one in the back of your head...
    I don't think it's going to get that dirty, since it's a darker pink and the corners/edges are 'sealed' in black. And you could always put it in a little bag, cover or something for protection.

    The only thing that would bug me about the pink one is the postman's lock: no matter how beautiful it is, it adds extra bulk to the planner. I'd prefer a simple button.
    I'm saying this because I ended up selling my Mulberry postman's lock purse (in the same pretty pink color) because of the postman's lock thing - I couldn't stand it anymore (it poked into other things, or into me through the bag and so on..).
    But maybe it won't matter to you - I just wanted to make you aware of it ;)

    Anyway - good luck choosing 'your' perfect Mulberry agenda!! :)

  10. I have an Oak in an older model than yours


    and I always recommend that leather. It ages absolutely beautifully and you can see the beautiful qualities of Mulberry leather in a way you cannot in the other colors. I have several handbags in Oak as well and have never hankered after another color or texture because they are so beautiful. I would go for Oak!

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  12. Well, my favourite is the oak Osterley like one but what does that matter? :)
    Get the one that makes your heart go pitter patter most

  13. The black. I know it's plain and simple but the leather is everlasting and won't show every nick, ink mark and scratch. I had a pink one for a while and was petrified I would scratch it and the color underneath would show. I returned it and found a new black Darwin (Oak) with double snaps and heavy duty zipper on ebay that I can use and l can not take too much care with. Oh, and the Postman's lock on the pink added so much bulk, got caught up when I tried to get it in and out of my bag, made loud noises when I opened up the organizer on my table at work if I didn't take care and open slowly, and it scratched so easily.
    Just my thoughts on the Mulberry. (The organizer I am in love with LOL)

  14. what did you end up getting? I am about to spring for the pink one myself. Does anyone know if Filofax calendars or papers will fit into this agenda? or is it Mulberry all the way?

  15. That Oak is delicious! Sadly, there's no way I can afford a Mulberry on a student budget...