28 November 2011

Frixion Comparison 0.7mm to 0.5mm

I am back on the Frixions again, this seems like a bit of an addiction!! Well I have truly fallen for the Frixions, I do not care if they fade with age, or if they disappear in heat, they write so lovely, so i splurged and bought a metal pen part for the Frixion ink to go in!

Here they are in my Malden, which seems to be winning in the poll, but a Spanner will be in the works in a few days!!! :-D

I went for a lovely shop last Friday on Cult Pens (my haul shall be posted around lunch time), and bought some nice Frixions, you will see below!

First of all i lined them all up and wrote which pen nib size they were:

Close ups of the Nibs, to show you how they look:

The bottom two are the same just different colours (the metal casing means nothing really, just personal preference).

I then tried writing with all three to see the difference in nib size, and oh my it is visable!

I don't know if i prefer the 0.5mm nib, or the 0.7mm nib, my writing is so much neater with the bigger nib, im not sure if thats the pen or if its actually the size, i just tried putting the 0.7mm in the metal pen holder and it felt so much better, think with the Frixion im more of a 0.7mm girl!!

I will update you on my progress with this!!

Then after I had did this i had a whole sheet of scribblings....

And thought, "what if i put it through my toner printer, as it gets VERY hot"

And look at the result!!

So thats todays little blog post, i need to appologise but the Filofax Review Week is being postponed!!!


  1. I have never had a frixion. I use pencils when I want something to be erasable. I love pencils.
    I do like pilot though, especially the hi-tec c pens. I bought a pack from cultpens too as they are not available where I live. I highly recommend them!
    I have a pilot fountain pen too, a pretty purple retractable one. This was my msc/ma graduation present to myself.

  2. Have you tried putting that page in the freezer to see if it comes back again?

  3. girlnmaths - enter my compeittion then ;-) you never know your luck!! hehe

    they are nice!!

    Yes i just bought some of thoes, i kinda want to buy the 12 pack :-/ but not got the money now! lol

    and the fountain pens look good too but a bit pricey :-(

    Steve - not yet, i know what happens but not yet, i have a piece in the fridge but i dont remember if its still there! :-(