07 February 2013

Difference in Paper Size - Mulberry V Filofax

As you all know I really want a Mulberry Agenda to use instead of a Filofax one.

If you want to help me to get one please read this post, Help Imysworld to Get a Mulberry Agenda, and click on the buy now paypal button in the right hand sidebar!

I am amazed that I already have raised £120 towards my agenda, and it has got me really excited due to the fact that I might be able to get it at the Philofaxy Meet Up on 16 March 2013! If I raise the money before then I am going to be giving away two Leather Filofax Organisers, One Brand New and one is New Condition, just unused bought by me. I will not tell you what they are yet! But if you want to be in the chance of wining them help me reach my target (insert winky face here)!

Also I have a competition to win two Midori Travellers Notebooks No 002 and 003 CLICK HERE to enter!


So now to the blog post, I have been thinking about this Mulberry for ages and last time I was in London I went to look at it behind the Glass cabinet in Harrods (I was too shy to ask to look at it). This was before I knew about the ring and paper size, but I realised that Mulberry paper is actually more of a convenient size than a Pocket or Personal.

I have created a sheet of pocket frmo the measurements on Philofaxy and a sheet of Mulberry also from the measurements on Philofaxy


The sheets side by side, the purple is my Personal paper.


The Personal with Mulberry size below.

But looking at it in comparison to the Personal it just shows the Mulberry is a perfect size, as instead of it being really long and thin, it is A6 which is proportioned rather than being an odd size!

This also means it is going to be so easy to make pages for it as you can just  fold an A4 piece of paper twice then slice it up and hole punch it!

It will be so much more simple!

I am so excited to use a new size and shape of paper that is just better proportioned as I find the Filofax paper too long and narrow!


Thank you for all your donations so far!!!!!

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  1. The other difference is the ring spacing on Mulberry, the three rings are still 19mm 3/4" apart but the distance between the two sets is 38mm 1.5 inches apart. FF Personal is 2 inches apart.

    But this isn't an issue if you have the Rapesco punch because it has a middle setting between FF Pocket and FF Personal that is the right setting for Mulberry....