17 February 2013

Midori Competition Winner!

The Winner is


If you can email me at filofaximy@live.com ASAP! If I do not hear from you by Wednesday 20 February!

Blogging will resume tomorrow, sorry about the random blogging recently, just not got very good internet at home and using iPad to blog makes the pictures too large! I am not too sure why! Sorry!

Secondly, I know not everyone agrees with the Mulberry fund idea, but from now on if you do not agree, you do not need to comment, just ignor it. End of. Other people support me, and believe "if you don't ask, you don't get". I am not forcing you so just stop commenting! I will no longer publish your comments.



  1. When you first decided to set up a Mulberry fund, you stated that any comments, good or bad, would be welcomed. I'm assuming your childish rant means that the comments are more bad than good. In fact I've noticed that comments on your blog are way down. I guess because all the negative ones aren't published. And the request for funds took up a good part of your last post, it wasn't just a button on the side. I'm not just going to ignore the button, I'm going to ignore your whole blog. Bye.

    1. Number 1 - I have never had many comments for the past 5 - 6 months

      Number 2 - I never forced anyone to give me money

      Number 3 - I have only had 2 or 3 bad comments

      Number 4 - You say I am being immature but you are by posting this!

      Number 5 - I have not said about it on every post, I was just doing a small reminder in case anyone missed it, I am not going to go on about it on every blog post.

      Number 6 - If that is the way you feel I would rather you not look at my blog comment on it or anything, I would rather you not visit it if that is the way you feel.

      The reason I have replied to this comment is because I feel what you had said is so immature and pointless, all you had to do was ignor it, you never had to comment on it, the majority of people have supported me and sent me emails of support and comments, not just on my blog but online as well, but there has just been three people who have wanted to say something bad, but to be honest, I don't see why you would need to say anything bad. If I do not agree with something I ignor it and just skip over, I do not waste my own time on commenting.

      I only asked just because if you don't ask you don't get or you never find out. There is no point in going through your entire life asking for nothing and giving everything to people.

      Thank you for leaving my blog!

    2. Imy. Ignore the haters. I see that the two people who have done it hide behind pseudonyms and anonymous blog names.
      Are they that jealous that you are trying something different? Then vent that jealousy towards you hiding behind these names so we don't know who they are??
      How very sad.
      In response to "anonymous" I find you comment hilarious and as a kind gesture of your ignorance I'm donating 10p for each word in your comment to Imy's fund. So that is 94 words, a total of £9.40. In fact I shall round it up to £10 because I'm nice.
      Keep up the good work Imy!!!