19 February 2013

Mulberry Postmans Lock - Issues

This is just because I wanted to continue on from a previous post about the Mulberry Agenda, where I was talking about why I probably shouldn't choose an Agenda with a Postmans Lock, well now I have some picture proof of mine.


With a lot of use the lock gets very scratched and looks untidy and sad, it just does not stay looking beautiful, I know with age things can look nice but this looks tired and scratched, its the only thing I dislike about Dora.


But just think how much my agenda is going to be open and closed, therefore I believe it would be best to go for one of the lower priced organisers, as I will still love it, and use it to death it will just stay looking prettier for longer, as my Postmans lock on young Dora started to age after 2 months of use, I am not sure if that is a common thing but I didn't want to take it to be fixed or anything as I feel it would loose the value to me, not value in cost but how I feel when I use it, and how it makes me feel to hold, just the sentimental value. If that makes any sense  I may need to take her in to have the seal around the edge fixed though as it has come apart and looks a bit sad. But I am scared too. I love her too much!

On another point, I need to point something out:


Last year Filofax sent me a beautiful Osterley, and people seemed to not like that fact. But I just wanted to let you know I am still using her, not for every day use but for looking after last years diary etc so I can look at it etc... I will never sell this Osterley due to the fact she has perfect rings, and that is a hard thing to come by these days, which makes her ever more special to me.

Also, quite often when I get a Filofax for free I also get one to give away to the people who read my blog, and I need you all to remember you do quite often get something out of reading my blog whether it be a prize in a competition or it be something that could of helped you in your Filofax, but you do get something. When ever I get the chance I hold competitions for you all. This wont change but some of your attitudes need to change big time.

I have never put a gun to anyone's head, or forced anyone to do something, so don't make it out like I have.

I put a lot of time and effort in to my blog, and most often ask for so little back. Therefore in future THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE, and if you want to say something to me rather than hide behind an anonymous name say it to my face, after all there are a lot more people that support me than don't.

If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all.

Do good things and good things will happen, do bad things and bad things will happen, Its Karma.


  1. Regarding the postmans lock on your Mulberry bag, will it not polish up with Basso, or a similar metal polish? Have you asked Mulberry about this?

    I guess it is easy enough to remove the metal bits so they can be cleaned and polished and then put back on looking like new again


  2. I am a big believer in Karma, and I think some of the comments you have received lately are disgusting. I wholly believe in the saying "if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all".
    So for those of you that don't agree with Imy's fund for a mulberry, please skip over the page and carry on with your life. Don't put nasty comments. That is on the verge of cyber bullying. You're hiding behind an anonymous blog name or a name that can't be tracked down. How very big and grown up of you.
    End of rant

  3. Bit of Tall Poppy Syndrome ( not sure if the Brits uses that expression, or if it is just an Australian thing) happening. I always find your blog helpful and entertaining to read. Keep going and don't worry about those spiteful people. X

    1. We use something very similar to tall poppy syndrome...It's very sad to hear all the negative things...but I think some people think oh I'll get a blog or you-tube channel and think they will instantly get stuff and moan when they other people getting stuff they don't. They don't really understand the time and commitment behind a blog like this

  4. Well said Imy. What a silly thing for readers to be unhappy about. The Osterley is a wonderful binder. You're videos are always so happy and cheerful and if anyone deserved an Osterley, it's you. Don't worry about the people who are giving you a hard time. They're just jealous.

  5. Don't let the bad guy get you down. You are the one that got me hooked on Filofax :) and I follow your blog because of it and you have brought other insights into my life as well. People who don't have the balls to show who they are are not worth the time.

  6. When you have a blog, it's on a public forum. You will not always receive positive remarks (Well, you can if you block comments and users). People are going to express their opinions and sometimes not in a positive way. It comes with the territory.

    I say good for you that you were able to receive a planner you wanted. If I could ask for donations for me to receive what I want, I would do the same. Ain't no shame in my game! If people choose to give you money, then it's not your fault. You didn't force or blackmail anyone to give you the funds for the planner.

    All I can say is: Haters are always going to hate. Ignore them and keep on trucking. I enjoy your blog and yes, when you show off your new planners and explain about the quality of them, it encourages me to want to buy the planner. It's quite hard to tell how good a product is just by looking at the picture on a website. I love reading and looking at reviews and you're big in the filofax community.


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  8. Asking for donations so you can buy an expensive luxury agenda seems a bit crass and poor taste to me, but hey, if people actually donated, then that's their decision.

    I agree with the commenter above. Blogs are public. You've made yourself a very public personality in the online planner community, so you have to expect a wide variety of feedback, positive and negative both. It goes with the territory of opening yourself up to the public.