19 March 2013

What happens in Mulberry on New Bond Street......

I went to buy my Pink Postmans lock Agenda this weekend with my entourage, it was lovely having so many people with me. I felt nervous and shy, but I got in there and felt they can't intimidate me.

A man in some RIDICULOUS glasses walked up to me (they looked fake by the way) and said, can I help you.

I replied, in fact you can, I would like to see all the Agenda's you have but preferably the Pink Postmans lock one, he took me to a cabinet and picked up a notebook, I said no I want to see the Agendas, he asked if I wanted the inserts or the whole thing, I said the whole thing.

He didn't seem to understand the act of listening, if I am honest!

He scurried off into the stock room, we all waited thinking he is going to come back with my DREAM agenda, instead he came back with four boxes, three Agenda size and one in the Pocket Book size. I was not impressed. I understood that the Agenda I wanted may not be in stock and I understood this and I wouldn't be too crushed if I found this out but what happened next I could never of even imagined.

When you think of bad customer service you never think it would happen in such a high brand shop!

I stood there and kind of expected him to say what he said next:

"I went in to the stock room but we only have three Agenda sizes in the browns and a black and a Pocket Book that is the Postmans Lock in Pink as it hasn't been made in Agenda size".

I though, am I going mad or have I been staring at the wrong thing all these weeks/months etc...

I questioned him, I said I know they sell it in Agenda size will you check another shop please.

He went off and whilst he went off I had a look and someone sneaky took a photo of two:



Hi Keji & Christa 

I had a look at the pocketbook size just as I wanted to look at the pinkness and the lock, I thought it was soooo cute!

He came back with an ipad, trying to re-enforce the fact it does not come in Agenda size, I said look the picture you are showing me is Agenda size this one here is Pocketbook size, I know for a fact it doesn't come in that size.

He look confused and walked off.

Tracy and I walked over and overheard him say to someone else were supposed to have two of these, but there not in the stock room.

Another man with hair the same length as mine came over, "Do you need any help". I said YES, this man is telling me the Agenda size does not exist and there is none in the stock room, but he has found it on the system.

He went off and said he obviously didn't look very well.

I felt slightly smug that the guy in ridiculous glasses was wrong.

The other man came back, he had an even larger box, I was thinking to myself, GREAT this is the display model, I knew it would not be perfect, we went over to the table with all the lighting I put it down.

The postmans lock was scratched.

There was two black lines.

Dents in the leather.

I asked the man, by any chance do you have another or can you do a discount. He said they do not do discounts.

The item was damaged and they still expected £350!

I said no thank you and walked out.

I felt disappointed and upset.

Later on we went to the Covent Garden Mulberry store, it was such a small cute store, and the man was absolutely lovely. He apologised for the shockingly bad customer service I received. But they had non in the pink.

This brings me to today. My agenda is arriving between 2:00pm and 3:00pm fingers crossed it is perfect and not damaged!

I have complained to Mulberry, they have offered no compensation for the bad customer service, not even a free refill! They will get back to me with their findings. I can't see it happening but I will show you their reply when it comes.


  1. I wouldn't have bought one, would have taken my £350 somewhere else! Absolutely hate bad customer service. Well done for letting us know about it though. xx

    1. Hii :)

      I didn't buy from the shop I ordered on Mulberry's website as I still really want the binder but I don't want to buy from Bond Street ever again! xxx

  2. Wow, that's some rubbish customer service!

    Hope your Mulberry reaches you safely today! :) x

  3. It was even WORSE than you have written imy you are being very generous. Excited for you to get it today :) x

  4. That is bad customer service... but why is it relevant that he may have had fake glasses? :p Confused.

    1. I was more setting the scene than anything, they didn't suit him and also if someone goes in there they know not to use him. As I didn't know his name!

  5. The service was shocking - seriously, if you´re expecting people to part with that much cash, at least employ people who know the products!!! :-)

  6. Wow! That was horrible. You'd think he would have tried a little harder to make a nice sale like that.

  7. wow that is some awful customer service. Glad you ended up going elsewhere but sad that you actually had to go somewhere else.. also SHOCKED that a person didnt know their products that they stock. I mean you work at a stationary store, isnt it relevant that you know the products that you sell, and what sizes everything comes in?

  8. I thought the Mullberry was interesting but I don't think I would be willing to part with $580 for one. But I am sorry that after all the build up you were let down so badly. I would have thought they would have been more helpful given the prices.

  9. From what I know about London rent prices, I'd have thought Mulberry would be doing everything in their power to make a sale! The way in which you were treated was absolutely appalling, and I sincerely hope Mr. Fake Glasses got a thorough dressing-down.