15 September 2014

My Week in my Gillio - Week 3

This is my third week doing this!!! I have done it before and probably done it longer but I am so good at being a failure at blogging!

Here is my week

As you can see I went to BYRON!!!! They have recently opened one in Exeter it appears, it is my favorite place to go when in London! I was so excited my boyfriend treated me to lunch there!!

Also this weekend I got a bicycle!! After all now I have had my reduction I am able to cycle! I did a 4 mile cycle and a 6 mile cycle! I didn't get on well with my padded shorts though I found they cut in to my legs!

We didn't make it to Totally VAG which I was a bit sad about but I was far too excited to ride my new bike again!

Not long until my week off, that is what the count down is! A whole week with my boyfriend! I am so excited

There hasn't been as much written this week, I have no idea why! Hopefully next week will be a bit more full!!


  1. I love your "not much written this week" compared to my "not much written this week" PMSL! xx

    1. Whatsapp me your not much written this week? :) xx