15 October 2014

I have failed you

I do not know why, but  I seem to just forget to write my blog, my brain is getting more and more like a bowl of jelly, not much in there, I can't remember the most simple things!!! Rubbish HRT

I will try and update my week posts, I think I am 3 or 4 weeks behind!!!

My mission is tonight to update it ;)

Wish me luck!!!

And I am sorry again!


  1. Honey, I don´t think I´ve posted anything on my blog for almost a year (excluding the birthday post) - you´re doing just fine :-D

    1. Thank you

      I want to keep my blog up to date all the time, I just seem to not have time even though I am not doing much :/ it just makes no sense!!!

    2. I know that feeling only too well :-)