16 July 2015

Webfinds #2

Today on Imy's web finds I have some random posts

I have been looking on the internet and recently keep looking at This Bug's Life  I love love love looking at her blog, every time I search something on there I find loads and loads of posts about what I need to find!

When looking to get a Jet Set tote for my birthday her blog helped me so much! It was amazing here is one of my favorite posts I have looked at so far recently!

A Jet Set Day - I love this post because the bag looks amazing in this post, and I love how she has broken down her day how busy she was and all her appointments, I wish one day I will be able to write as many appointments for one day as she does! - Simple dreams.....

I found this picture a few years ago on Facebook circling around, I re shared it last week! It is very true!

People do need to start thinking out of the box!!! I have XY Chromosomes! & am Intersex!

Gala Darling - She randomly shared an amazing Filofax post she had shared before the other day on Facebook! Here is the post! CLICK HERE

Paperlovestory did an amazing post comparing Bound and Binders for a yearly diary which was amazing!

Fire starter

We took a load of photos like this the other night! See more on Flickr

I found an amazing person who shares pictures of her diarys on Flickr called Mamachu0330 go take a look, I will try and post below my favourite pictures!

In my kate spade agenda!

Pages in my midori travelers notebook.

Pages in my midori travelers notebook.

She has lots of amazing pictures go have a look!!

That is all for Imy finds this week!!!


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