20 July 2015

Gillio Mini Update

Today I fancied doing a little update as much as I could on my Gillo, as I was looking at her next to me thinking, she looks really beautiful today, not really sure why?

This is only a small update, there will be a proper "What's in my Binder" style post in the future, not sure when that will be though!

As  you can see she is looking beautiful as ever, I have cleaned her with a wet wipe recently as she was looking quite dirty, and by luck it worked! She is just as pink and pretty as she was before!

You can see close up she is still a bit dirty though! Not really sure how to remove it or clean it! I am scared what ever I use will mark her beautiful leather!

The clasp looks the most dirty, you can see my little pen mark there which happened on Friday, or Sunday I can't quite remember, it was a lot worse but I rubbed it for a while and it came off! I was so nervous! I need to get a darker binder!!

When I open her up I see this really cute Little Mermaid card which I found in WHSmiths and bought just as a dashboard kind of thing, I like the text "Make and Entrance" it is cute! It just makes me feel happy!

I cannot show you the current or past diary pages for a while, but when I can I will share them with you, as I need to cover lots and lots of stuff up!! Thats why you have this shot!! Looks pretty though!

This is my only blank week so you can see I still have my Smythson inserts!  Love the gold edges but the blue paper gets a little annoying as when I need to tip-ex it looks a horrible mess! Looks beautiful against my binder though!!! Going for something lined next year but not sure about the style etc...

So pretty paper!!

Crocidilla is 1 year old in 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her still just as much but will need to get a new one soon due to the light colour being so dangerous!!!

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  1. I really love the colors in your tabs (like the "money" tab).

    1. Thankyou they are the filofax ones you can change :)

  2. I won't buy light colored croco anymore for this reason - too prone to showing dirt, which is hard to remove. I own a black croco and a dark brown epoca. If I did get another light color it would be epoca, which is much easier to keep clean.