24 July 2015

Webfinds #3

This weeks Imyfinds are here! YAY! (That is if anyone is actually reading them, as it never seems to be the case these days as I don't seem to get any comments) Enjoy them!!

You might not be surprised that I have more posts from Janet at This Bug's Life for my Webfinds, but she has shared more amazingness

Today we have a really really stuffed Filofax, and oh my doesn't it look amazing! I love a stuffed Filofax, but who doesn't!

She showed it to me because I loved the picture from her Diary of an overstuffer hehe

I think I am too tidy in my Filofax (not my writing but paperwork and stuff) that it never looks like that!

Also here is Joshua LaPorte beautiful Filofax Set up from This Bug's Life too! It is beautiful!

I found this blog a while ago and started to follow it on Bloglovin' not a website I really go on very often but the blog is beautiful, it is called Seaweed Kissess and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog post by them, it is their last week at a glance

I love her diary pages, they are beautiful the layout, that is the kind of thing I want for 2016! I need to find out what the diary pages are! Off snooping I go....

They are Day Runner inserts! Oh that sucks, they don't sell them over here! I shall have to find an alternative option!

Look at all these beautiful photos they have shared of thier Nude Orignal binder!

Oh can I just stare at all their pictures and blog all day please? Just please!!

Finally, I just saw today a post about the Skins casts over the years of how they look now, READ IT HERE, I loved skins my favourite characters were:



I just so wished they continued the characters a bit in to the next seasons as we never found out what happened to Cassie after she left for New York, and didn't Sid go after her? I think there was a sort of episode about it all, but I feel none of the Skins episodes ever ended! This makes me sad! I saw it said one has a blog so I went to have a look at her blog, it was Liv, she's actually called Laya Lewis apparently, I never really knew any of their real names I just felt it was all real..... I obviously knew it wasn't but was nice to think it was. I really need to re watch all Skins then maybe find some places next time I go to Bristol! Anyway she sort of wrote a response to the article saying where she is, but not really being sure, I quite enjoyed it. I kn they had Skins Fire, Pure and Rise but I think I missed them, I really do think I should catch up soon...

Hope you have enjoyed my Imy finds this week!!

Enter my competition to win a Kawaii Box!! They are amazing!

(I am trying not to use she or him or her etc, due to some people identity in different ways, I'm trying to be politically correct)


  1. I almost deleted my bookmark to your site since you had stopped posting, but glad I hadn't. Looking forward to hearing more about your reduction surgery. Glad you are back!

    1. I have been back posting for a while, I also have a new blog which I have just started which will have more stuff about surgery etc.. . imogencallaway.wordpress.com

      Thank you for not giving up on me

  2. I read them! I bet a lot of us are in such a hurry these days that we read your posts then go on to our other duties. But I really enjoy seeing your photos and reading your posts. You are a very sweet person. Keep posting!!!

    1. YAY thank you :) Just feel a bit like my blog isn't seen like it used to be :(

    2. I honestly think that people are used to you not posting........we need to get the word back out, You have a ton of fans, And I have to tell you, I saw your reply to Becca, I went over to your new blog. You are a talented writer. I too am looking forward to hearing more about your surgery, etc. Keep it up Imy...people are going to hear you're back.

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