20 March 2011

Chanel PST

  by imysworld
a photo by imysworld on Flickr.

OMG i went to chanel with my friend last friday and fell in love......

we spent 2.5 hours in the store, trying on watches and bags, (mainly bags for me) and it made me realise, I need to buy one lol

so im planning on getting this lovely Chanel PST in black with Gold Hardware

or the GST ahhhhhh

or i saw this bag called the Coco Rider flap and OMG it was beautiful similar price too

Hmmmm Chanel i love you

Please let my 21st be full of Chanel boxes (well only one) lol

Much Love <3 xxxx


  1. The pst is so nice! The size looks great with you. Whats the current price of the pst now?

  2. Hello

    The price for a "normal" PST, as in one that is not of a colour for any lines is £960

    If you wanted one that was a certain colour i believe they were £1,080 or something? Sorry it took me so long to reply! I do love teh PST but its too small for me :-( x

  3. I really love your bag. Looks god on your. Have you tried the GST maybe, as the PST is too small for you?