25 March 2011

Nintendo 3DS unboxing!!!


So I just got the Nintendo 3DS today, and so far OMG it is AMAZING

Its really creepy how it is actually 3D I actually cannot believe it, I now kinda understand those over the top videos of people going wow, is this real etc…It does actually look better than the 3D you get when you watch a film with glasses, I find those glasses bugger everything up anyway here is my unboxing: -

Subscribe as I'm going to be doing as many 3DS videos as I can over the next few weeks anything you want let me know and I will try and do it, will try with a tripod tonight as using an Iphone is SOOO HARD!!!! Canon 500D or 550D tonight on a tripod I'm feeling…..this could all go so wrong or be soooo right! Lol

Anyway, I will do a review next week, so talk later.

Much Love <3 xxx


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    1. Sorry, I deleted all the 3DS videos a long time ago, do not remember why! x