21 March 2011

Mulberry Alexa

  by imysworld
a photo by imysworld on Flickr.

I also tried on the Alexa on my second trip to London, but tbh i thought it made me look a bit fat, as it drew too much attention to my muffin tops.

I love the bag and i love the inside, but i dont think it hangs all that well, i think it would even look this bad when it is full and has all my stuff in.

I know it only had the dust bag in but still, im not 100% on how it hangs.

I think the strap would also dig in so much and be so uncomfortable.

Its a beautiful iconic bag that will always be beautiful but the more i think about it, its not really the bag for me, i guess maybe its "too casual" which by the way im dressed may seem a bit of an odd statement, but inside i feel VERY formal if that makes sence.

I would love to have an Alexa one day but maybe as more of a collection piece rather than a everyday bag.

Still leaning towards the Chanel.....Coco Rider and PST and GST....MMMMMM

Much Love <3 xxx

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  1. aaah I KNEW I keep seeing you in different parts of the internet! Do you hang out on TPF as well as Philofaxy? The Alexa looks hot on you, you totally should get it :D