21 March 2011

What's in my Louis Vuitton

Day 8 whats in your bag by imysworld
Day 8 whats in your bag a photo by imysworld on Flickr.

Inside my handbag there is the following: -

Mechanical pencils
lip gloss
model mirror
deman hair brush compact thingy
amazona filofax - Personal
pauls boutique glitter wallet
lips post it notes
chanel lip gloss 98 galatic

Things you cannot see: -

Moo Business CArds
Jot Pad
Walkers Plain Crisps
Ipod Shuffle
iPhone 4
Flower Hair Band
Hair Band
Subway Vouchers

There is usually alot more in my bag, i carry it everywhere, this was for Day 8 on the 30 days of lists.

Much Love <3 xxx

P.s if you have any requests let me know xxx

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