21 March 2011

Filofax Shopping

On Tuesday last week i went to the Conduit Street (i dont think i have spelt that right) Filofax Store, in London and it was amazing!!!

I spent so long looking around at all the filofaxes, i probably could of spent all day, but i didnt!

I was looking at a few filofaxes but then i saw one that caught my eye! I dont know the name tho, it looked like the Amazona like i have but was in purple, A5 and alot more expensive!

It was beautiful, just such a lovely thing, i wish i took a photo or bought it (if only i had the money), but yeah i left wanting it!!!

I bought the Dividers, but they have clear slots so you can change the names to be what ever you want, ive not got around to using them yet, but will be doing so soon, then i will do a "How i use my filofax blog", and some of the organiser stickers, they are amazing, they even gave me a bag that has Filofax on the front....mmmmm

But i could of bought so many different things for inside my filofax, oh i love that shop.

I cannot wait until my next trip there, going to take at least £30 to spend on stationery for my filofax, pages etc...


Much Love

<3 xxxx

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  1. the purple amazona lookalike sounds like the Osterley... yes, if only I had the money!!