24 January 2012

IPhone V Blackberry

I use an iPhone as my main and only phone, I always go back to an iPhone, I always use an iPhone but I have cheated a few times! I have had a Blackberry Bold twice I believe.

So first of all a small history of me iPhones and Blackberrys's....

First iPhone was the second iphone to come out! The iPhone 3G, I cued up for a few hours to get it but they had sold out! I had this phone for just over a year, until the 3GS came out. Then i got out a contract to get the 3GS, I got it in black. Around 6-10 months into the contract i really fancied a Blackberry!

I got a Blackberry Curve maybe? or Bold? And i used it for around 8 months, it kept freezing on me, just generally going wrong, i started to HATE it! But there is something I love about Blackberry's.....

So I got a White iPhone 3GS, I loved it for around 8 months maybe more....then back to a Blackberry Bold in White :-D I have a thing for white things (DON'T WORRY THIS IS GOING SOMEWHERE).

Then the iPhone 4 came out, I said to everyone I HATE IT, I do not like the design, you will never catch me buying it......what a load of CRAP! Around 3 months later i owned a 4, and have had it now 1 year and 3 months.....the longest I have EVER kept a phone!

So now this brings me to my dilema!

iPhone or Blackberry, OR BOTH!

So i put this as my Facebook Status and got lots of replies, I will show you some of the best ones...

K - After an iphone you'll hate the blackberry.... I've gone for the galaxy s2 and its a nice change but iphones still rule the world lol most expensive aswel though.

S - For me I thought Blackberry = workhorse, Iphone & Android = fashion statement! Which did I need!

B - I don't think there's anything you can do on a blackberry that you can't do on an iPhone ... therefore Blackberry = workhorse; iPhone = pretty workhorse :-D

T - what ever you get you have to get one of those cases with all the rhinestones!

So I am kinda torn, I think maybe i should have both, but then that is greedy and costly, and do I really need a second phone??

So i want your opinions......


I would love to hear your experiences etc....

Am i just getting bored, and when will the iPhone 5 come out (that would solve all my problems!    



  1. Oh I love BlackBerry! But totally unfashionable. I hates my iPhone4, love my Blackberry Bold but it doesn't do some things as well: web browsing is inferior, BlackBerry doesn't like apps, and the os is not as stable. But I love it. Battery lasts like 3 days. Works great for calls. The notifications are much better! And the blinking light! And its sooooo much easier to type on!

  2. iPhone. In our family we have both and everyone prefers the iPhone. More apps, bigger screen, no wordwide outages...

  3. iPhone! Apps, great camera to replace your point and shoot, elegant appearance, bigger screen, more versatile functions. One more for me, easy switch between languages.

  4. iPhone!

    iPhone can do anything a Blackberry can (well except for the keyboard... I wouldn't mind seeing a physical _landscape_ keyboard on my iPhone), but a Blackberry can only just do some of the stuff an iPhone can (eg. if you like taking, editing and sharing photos on the go, iPhone is _way_ better)

  5. I've got the same problem.
    I love my iPhone. I've got iPhones about 2 years. Great gadget!
    But I always was nosey to try a Blackberry.
    About 2 weeks ago I've got an Blackberry Bold 9780 (via eBay) - but I have to give it back because of scratches which were unspecified in the description. But I've used it 2 days as my "second phone" - and it was great.
    Now I've pre-confirmed the new Bold 9790. It seems to be a really Good gadget for a fair price.
    I will use it as my second phone and I hope thats a good solution.
    I will never give away my iPhone, but sometimes I like to have a few buttons.
    Maybe thats also a good solution for you?
    I know with my contract extension I will take the new iPhone (maybe 6 or 5GS) next year.