19 April 2012

Planning for my 22 Birthday....

Now this is VERY forward planning but I have always wanted to dress up as a Playboy Bunny, so I thought why not for my 22 birthday as I will have lost lots of weight, well I hope I will be skinny enough to pull it off!

I was originally thinking of getting a corset made, (I have been thinking about my costume idea for a few weeks now, but I wanted to announce it to the world today for no reason) but then I decided I could get a lot better costume if I create one MYSELF!!!!

I started to think about ideas, and I decided I wanted to use a body, (those tops that do up under your lady bits, kind of reminds me of a little baby's top thingy) but I thought what if it came undone? I continued with this thought for a while and left it to go over in my head.

I knew it needed to be black, lower at the front (show off my assets) and higher at the back to hide my bra strap. I found a few possibilities but then I decided to look on Flickr and see how other people have dressed up as Playboy Bunnies, then I found the EXACT idea I was going for....

Me & The Heff

I have borrowed the picture from Flickr user ohkoti, it is not my image.

But this is exactly what I want, except I probably wont wear a bow tie? Maybe I will I haven't completely decided yet!

Suddenly after looking at the picture, Ballet came back to me, I remembered I used to wear a Leotard, and I remembered my favorite Dance clothing website, Dance Direct! Off I went in search of the PERFECT Leotard....I found it within Minutes!


It is just plain black and it will be perfect! What makes it even better is its £10!!!!! PERFECT LEOTARD 

I will then get a pair of fish net tights from my local nearest tights place, maybe some M&S ones as they will be superb quality I assume! They do good tights I believe.

I will also buy a fluffy tail to sew on the back of the leotard, in the right place...


You can get them all over the place!

I am planning on wearing some Ballet shoes, real ballet shoes! Mainly because I love them, they are cute and the fact that I have large feet, they go up to my size. I cannot wear heels as I will fall over.... there are SOO many reasons to get them! So it will be a black pair! There only £3ish so extra cheap as well!!!

The last thing I need is a pair of ears, I didn't want to have a normal pair of ears, I wanted something different, I thought back and remembered I saw some beautiful LACE rabbit ears on ASOS. I thought they would look amazing, make the outfit a bit more cuter and less slutty in a way!


They are the most expensive item out of the whole outfit at £27 but totally worth it!

So that is ALL I need!!! Now when I get paid I get to buy my birthday outfit ready in time! YAY!!!!

I will wear my Lace Rabbit Ears to Philofaxy meet up I believe! hehe



  1. oh imy! don't give in to the patriarchy! don't demean yourself by submitting to the weird zoophilic infantilised characters the man expects you to be!

    *feminist rant over*

    but i'm sure you'll look fab, p.s congrats on the weightloss

  2. Fab outfit, and what great bargains!!! You will look amazing :o)

  3. Hehe you're giving me great ideas for my 22nd too :) though mine's six months away when it will be too cold for this probably :( x

  4. Dollface - I love you lol :) I want to look hot so guys are just looking at me like :O i miss having that so i want to look extra slutty :D

    LJ - I cant wait i will post pictures

    Angela - I have 3 months i believe! so this is still very forward planning hehe xxx

  5. Slutty is a good look!!! :o)

  6. LJ - HAHAH I never dress up slutty!!! so this will be a first :p x