14 August 2012

Filofax Compact Diary Issue....

I have been using my compact for a few weeks now and I absolutely LOVE it! But I have ONE issue...

What diary do I use??


Here are the three I have to choose from
  • Paperchase Pink Week to View (the hearts are just a count down)
  • Two Days to a Page Filofax Diary
  • Week on One Page with Notes - Dodo Pad 
Ray had an amazing idea: 


I decided to put a week of each in for 3 weeks and see which I preferred..

Week 1 - Paperchase Pink Week to View


Week 2 - Two Days to a Page Filofax Diary



Week 3 - Week on One Page with Notes - Dodo Pad 


I will update you on my challenge every week to let you know how it is going, but so far I have noticed the boxes on the Dodo Pad to be a bit constrictive for my big writing and lots of notes for each day, so I have had to scatter notes around the page and it feels UNTIDY!!!!

I have to write the same two programmes in every Tuesday so we shall see how they look on each page....

Let you know more NEXT WEEK



  1. What a challenge! I can't pretend not to be biased but you do know you'll be getting bigger grid squares in the 2013 Dodo Pad diary insert thanks to your collective help in the spring sorting out the 'Dodo-filo-hack' with us!


    Bigger squares, more room and the most fun and informative diary out there! (Did I say I was biased? :0)) Good Luck!

  2. I agree with Lord Dodo about the bigger squares of the new 2013 personal-sized Dodopad! So maybe re-think the Dodopad thing when 2013 starts? But for now, try calling the dog? Or do what Ray said, test 1 each week. Personally, I would go with 2 days per page, but then if you want to see a whole week at a glance that's a problem...

  3. I love the Paerchase refills, so much space!