28 December 2012

The Chosen One

Sorry for the lack of Blog Posts, I have not had much time. I had a good Christmas but life has gone back to the usual shit now, I am not feeling my usual self.

Now to the post.

As you all know I have been deciding between the Pocket Cross and Personal Osterley.

Well the winner (as you all expected) is Personal Osterley!!!


And the winning Diary inserts is....


This is my combination for 2013, I will not change it unless the Filofax its self breaks, then I am alowed to replace it, most likley for a different brand. Maybe a Louis Vuitton...

As I have decided on this Filofax I now have a 2013 Pocket Cross in Barbie Pink for sale (what a surprise)

Comparison between my personal and pocket Filofax!

It is in pretty much PERFECT condition, I was very surprised when I received it. (I am selling due to not wanting to have something else there to use)

It is for sale at £30 then the cost of postage to where ever you are in the world.

That is the price I bought it for and as I have not used it I believe it is fair to sell it for the same price.

If you are interested please let me know.


I may end up selling the Regency as well as I do not need it and it has sat in the box for a few months now (it is brand new as I had a replacement due to faulty rings).

I will try to post more regularly!


  1. The purple Osterley is such a lovely binder. Definitely a good choice! Hope the blasted rings don't develop issues. Filofax must be losing tons of money on replacing defective binders, I get the impression that a large majority of new binders have ring issues?!

  2. I love it. I think you made a great decision. I have a few decisions to make too! 2013 is just around the bend.

  3. Glad you're back! I work in a similar industry as you and it is completely bonkers how busy things are!!

  4. Yay for personal! And I might be interested in the regency if you want to sell. I love mine and may be in need of a backup!

  5. Great minds... I have a Wine Personal Osterley with FF Cream week to a page diary inserts ... :) She is sitting next to me as I type glinting gorgeously in the winter sunlight!

  6. wow i love the purple in this photo imy it is so bright!