05 February 2013

Help Imysworld to get a Mulberry Agenda - Mulberry's Answer

I decided to email Mulberry to find if they would send me an Agenda for me to use and review etc on my blog and on Youtube.

Here is the reply I just received


At least I tried!!!!

So it looks as though I am still going to have to raise the money!!!


  1. What they really mean is "We've seen you Philofaxy rabble ransacking City Organiser, no chance!!!" Ha ha ha :o) Good luck with the fund :-)

  2. Shame really, I won't ask them either then!

    Have you considered Ebay at all? There are some on there at less than the full price. I suspect some of them are coming from the discount factory outlets at Biscester and then being sold on Ebay.

    Likewise I would love a Mulberry Agenda, but I would like to inspect one first.

    Also I would need some one in UK to buy it as a lot of the sellers won't deal with people outside of UK.

    1. I have looked on eBay but they never ever have the pink ones, and also the outlets never have the pink ones, i have phoned them! You can inspect mine when I get it! :)

      The only other issue is if they are authentic on ebay, but that's what the Purse Forum is for!


  3. Yes I too have had my doubts about some of the ones I've seen for sale at big discounted prices compared to the new prices You do wonder if they are fakes or not.

  4. Pardon me for asking Imy, but what exactly is the Purse Forum?

    (I learn so much from y'all!!)

  5. I would avoid any that are suspiciously low in price as most of them are fake. You can often tell from the uniform leather that is slightly orange in tone.

    I have one and I love it to bits - worth every penny I paid for it. Would have liked a bigger one but they discontinued the one I liked. You can see the beautiful leather here

    @Austin the purse forum is here http://forum.purseblog.com - and the lovely community helps authenticate items. It's a great resource.

    Imy if you get your Mulberry you can have all my inserts that I don't need. I have quite a few! Just keep me posted!

    1. I know. I. Don't entirely trust eBay, I'm planning on getting. New one! But if you don't need any inserts I would love to adopt them!!!! I have £120 so far towards it :) yay