10 May 2013

Filofax Doodle Compact Review and Winners

A while ago I received two Doodle's to review, one to keep for myself and one to giveaway. As the one they gave me to keep didn't have the full inserts in they sent me another one!!! I felt so lucky, but it made me think, do I really need two Doodles, let alone one as I don't use Filofax sized rings, and the answer was NO.

I really love Filofaxes, there is nothing I hate about them, I love them to pieces!!!

But I decided my readers deserved to win them, therefore I decided I would give them all away.

Here is the Doodle in all its original packaging



It has a lovely pale blue grid pattern which is where you create your design, oh I wish I owned enough pens, this would be designed like crazy! But I don't (insert sad face)

When you open it you are greeted with no pockets but a new flyleaf.


No pockets isn't the worst thing to happen to the world, but still its not the best, well for me anyway, one thing you can do is you could buy some of those stick on business pockets and other pockets that Midori sell to stick inside.

I love the little logo


Its very cute!

Then there are blue and green tabbed dividers!


Past the dividers there are not many varieties of inserts, I was confused at first why there was no diary inside, but I read the description to find there was no diary! But that isn't the worst thing!

It is full of coloured note paper, to do sheets and address sheets.



Ignor my crappy nail



A today marker, but there is no diary? That bit confuses me a little??


As there is no pen loop instead they have made this amazing plastic wallet which has a pocket on the front and on the side a pen holder, very useful  I saw on Philofaxy a while back that Filofax are thinking of launching these as a product line!!! It is GENIUS!

In the pocket is a little sample piece of the material (I cut a tiny sliver off to test a few pens) and the spirograph!



I suck, I need more practice, but I love spirographing!!!!

I didn't test a ball point pen but the Sharpies worked amazing!!! If you have a huge range of Sharpies you could do AMAZING things with this!


I used my fine pink sharpie on a spare plastic broken wallet I have in my draw... its an amazing idea as you can customize these too!!! 


Worked so much better on plastic!! 

Overall the Doodle is AMAZING!!!!

The Compact costs £22 


On to the winners:

My mother drew these for me!

The answers to the questions are:

Question 1: Which Filofax from the new range do you like best? Mine is the Original and the Aqua Malden 

Question 2: Who saved the Filofax Company in the 1940s Blitz in London, and how? Grace Scurr - She wrote the customers information in her Filofax!!! 

Bonus - Design an idea for the cover of the doodle and take a photo to attach to your entry - optional!


Judith Lang

Anna Hawthorne

Nathalie Knopp

Please email me on imysworldnsw@gmail.com and we shall sort out your prizes to be posted to you!! 

Tuesday's prize will be anounced soon!!!! 


  1. OMG!!! I won!!!! Thank you so much, Imy! And I almost ordered a Doodle last week cos they're on sale in Germany ... he he. Glad I waited!
    I'll email you!

  2. Congratulations to the lucky winners!