08 May 2013

UPDATE - Do not give up on me!

This will form a list of bullet points:

1. I have not forgotten about my blog at all, I have just been so busy, I try to get around to doing it but my computer at home will not load up any photos so it is impossible to blog at home and I can only blog at lunch time at work but I have been very busy at work and not enough spare time to do it!

2. The first winner of my competition will be announced on Friday 10 May 2013! Please bear with me this competition is taking a lot longer to organise after than I expected!

Maybe I made this competition far too complicated for me to mark? This has taken me 4 days so far.....

3. I just went on Paperlovestory's blog and she has the most amazing post about lists, I have been thinking I need to use my Mulberry a bit more with lists and more planning than I do, she has been a bit left alone in the past two weeks, but one thing I have not done in months is LIST MAKING and her BLOG POST has really made me want to start again!

4. My Week in my Mulberry:

Week 16


Week 17


Week 18 


I really hated how Week 18 looked, I really did not like my attempt at colour coordination! It put me off using it! It has been a tough few weeks!

5. I saw some very pretty flowers at a place called The Pottager Garder, it has a table tennis table under a beautiful flowery plant. Lots of other ball games and a lovely cafe, which had tasty soup!


6. I just placed an order at Artbox and I am so excited, I have had a bad few weeks and the weather has been wet and needed something to perk me up a bit! Very excited.

7. I have two Reviews to do this week and next week from two different companies, one being Filofax and the other being Parragon Life Canvas, which is a beautiful new range of stationery which is just as exciting as Hallmarks new stationery ranges!

8. I will be trying to do some posts on my Mulberry, reviews and explaining some things, I have a list I need to do just have not had the time.

9. Do you have any requests?

10. Finally, Hope you are all ok!!! See you soon!!!


  1. Incapable of giving up on you, and you're posts are definitely worth waiting for...

  2. Ooh, i've written my Parragon review already :) It's going live on 17th of May :) Can't wait to see what products you got and if they were different to mine ;) I never get contacted by Filofax about their products - would be nice to just hear about press releases :/ never mind! Hope you're ok too - you sound busy xxx

  3. Honey we love your blog. There's no rush on this end. I hope your order from Artbox arrives soon. Happy mail can really perk you up. :)

  4. You sound like a very busy lady and I will read your posts as they arrive. I look forward to them. As for giving up, I could not do that - who else would there be to ignore my comments :o)

  5. I love Artbox! They have such cute stuff. ♥ I'm a fan of their letter sets, but I don't have chance to write many letters. :(
    Your diary looks amazing!