31 October 2014

2014 Gillio Tour - Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the our around my Gillio!! 

The next part of my Gillio is the Weekly section! I really love these inserts by Cute Organizing!! They just make me feel happy when I open up my diary! 

The firs thing I have is another picture of my boyfriend and I, because it makes me smile, it was another I had for my op, but I wanted to have it in my diary just as it is cute!

As you can see I am using a week on a page, and between each week I have a clear fly leaf, and my today ruler, but the fly leaf sticks out a bit so works as a today ruler too! I do not know why I cut my ruler in half but I seem to like it that way, so much better!

On my fly leaf I put sticky notes about things I need to remember, like stationery companies who keep hassling me! Which happens regularly at work!

I keep all of the past weeks together with a Smile Clip, I love these clips so much they sell them at Cult Pens! They are just so cute and happy and hold so much paper and do not damage it, they also do not take up too much room and are not as bad for writing over!

Here is a close up of my Ruler, as you can see I have a rainbow bunny, a my little pony and a panda! And half a Gillio Sticker! That is from when I cut it in half, I had the Gillio Sticker in the middle!

Here is an example of my pages! I have a bit of Star Ferry tape from Midori at the bottom on this page! The countdown is to my Holiday in the Forest of Dean!

I only included this picture as I wanted you to see my new favorite tape!!! It is just so pretty!

Christmas Pages have tape from Paperchase!

At the back I record all my holiday, so I know how many days I have taken and then I can have a record in case my boss forgets when I have been off! It works well! I do have one on the computer too but I prefer this one!

On the other side of the paper is my Overtime sheet, which hasn't got much on as I am starting overtime next week, yay..... not so yay!  Now on to my Notes Section!

This was some notes I wrote about having to go to the doctors for some blood tests! I am a bit like a pin cushion always needed to be poked and prodded

The next few pages were me trying to decide what diary inserts/diary format to use for 2015! I think I have decided when it arrives I will share it with you!

I have a Cashback Claim sheet so I can write when cashback has been claimed etc! It is very useful and it means I can keep track of it!

Next my To-Do list section!

My To - Do section is quite simple, it is just a list which I scribble and tick as ticking isn't enough, I cannot have a to do list without a sticker on as it makes it seem more cheerful!

That is all of this section, next week I will share the rest of my diary with you!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Your setup is great. I noticed you cut the Today ruler in half. Do you use the bottom half for something else?

    1. Well I cut it in half when I had a Mulberry as that had different spaced rings, but ended up quite liking only half a ruler!! :) I do have quite a few whole rulers but I seem to prefer the half a ruler :) hehe xxxx