27 October 2014

2014 Gillio Tour - Part 1

Today I am going to start a tour around my beautiful Gillio Medium Compagna Fuchsia Croco Matt, otherwise known as Crocidilla, she is a beautiful pink and looks so different in all sorts of lights, I love how soft and floppy her leather is, she really is a joy to use!

I do not know why I am really considering even using something different as she works for me the way she is and I find her irresistibly beautiful!

I want to start my tour of my Gillio just by showing you the first two tabs, (I have 9 tabs in total [I think]) as you can tell I am planning on doing this post over a few days due to the fact there is more to look at, and I want to show lots of little random aspects of my Crocidilla!

Here she is in all her beauty!!

You can see from the outside that she is quite stuffed, you can see I have some receipts poking out, which isn't the way she usually is, I have not been a good girl and haven't recorded my finances all weekend so the receipts are just there sticking out! Next to Crocidilla you can see my favorite pen, my lovely Coleto, it is mainly there to see the colour.

Now she has been opened up you can see the huge mess that is inside my Gillio at the front! Ignore those receipts, and the Match and More Card, my theory is to just try and buy fuel at Morrisons then use the vouchers to buy more fuel! I will show you all the random cards in that little pocket there now.

A ticket stub from when I went to see the Inbetweeners with my boyfriend and his friends, a ticket from an arcard where my boyfriend and I played and he won me a toy, so I kept a ticket. The best brownie company in the worlds business card, hidden blow, my hairdressers "loyalty" card, I am not sure I want to go there again, not that they did anything wrong, just so expensive!! And finally, my Byron card about takeaway, the first time I visited a Byron, oh my, and they didn't have any near me, now there is one 60 miles away!! YAY!!!

In the zip pocket there is two leather samples for some other Gillio Colours I love, the Dark Green and Dark Brown, I am starting to love the gold as well!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gold but I would be too worried about it and it isn't pink! A worry doll, I kid you not, but I tell this little doll my worries and I have since I was about 8, when I had a bag full of them, and I forget them! This doll is AMAZING! The little bit at the back is my wrist band from when I was in hospital!

You can see the pretty pink colour here!! As you can see I have one of the Kate Spade Bow Paperclips, and I know everyone has one, but it cost a lot of money!! You would be surprised how much people charge for a paperclip! But I had to buy it as I think they look so cute and it goes so well with my pink cute leather! I know I am a sheep but it is just so cute!

In the FIRST (yes there is more than one) secretarial pocket, I have a random voucher, some sticky notes and a list of places I want to visit, which I really need to write into my Gillio but I have been LAZY as I already have my bucket list in there so I just put a few on there!

Here is my fly leaf (finally you say) I have a perfume sample card, which smells beautiful! It made the leather smell a bit like play dough but that has worn off but the pages smelt so beautiful! Eventually I will buy some Daisy but I am not sure which one!

The love you was created by my boyfriend on my label maker when I was off ill, and there are a few random stickers!

When you turn my dashboard over there is some eBay postage receipts, it is the safest place to keep them! Then they are there when you need them!

The picture is one of my boyfriend and I, which was printed before I went in to hospital as I wanted to have a picture to keep me company at night, but luckily as I was only in one night it was ok, and I was so asleep I didn't notice anything!

On the left I have three business cards, one is my next appointments at my dentist, next is the business card for my nurse and the final one is a shop called hobby mounts that sells amazing go pro accessories, I really need to use my Go Pro more!!

I have had this notes in folder for YEARS and YEARS!!! It has been most of my, whats in my filofax posts etc, therefore I have moved it over here, there is loads of crap and a random dinosaur I drew years ago, but that is about it!

Here is my first divider! I HEAR YOU ALL SAY FINALLY, yet again! Sorry it has been so long but there is a lot to share!

All my dividers are made by Sachiko from Cute Organizing, which is someone I always go on about, my monthly diary is made by her too which you will see in a minute!

Here we go, monthly tab!

Here is the front cover, which I love it is so cute, I think I slightly prefer it to the 2015 cover, but that is mainly as the colours are so much more me!

I have shown you my birthday month on here, but there are many other months! I have blogged about the monthly inserts already so CLICK HERE and you can read it!

On the left I write down all the dates I need to write in the next year, but I have covered it up as it is mainly important doctors appointments, which I have so many of! YAY

So that is all there is for Part 1 of my 2014 Gillio Tour!! Next time expect to see, the full length back pocket, weekly diary, notes and my to do section!

I hope  you enjoyed it and if you have any questions just let me know and I will try and help or answer them!


  1. That's a well-used planner! I love taking a tour through people's planners so thanks for sharing :-)

    1. :) Thank you :) she is well used and loved !!! :) Come back soon for the next sections :) xxx

  2. Your monthly spread makes me smile. I wish I was so balanced between busy and time off.


    1. It is more the fact I forget to write in the boxes :p and have nothing that is important enough to fill it in :p xx

  3. So glad to see you posting again. I trust all is well. Love your planner.

    1. Thank you :) yes all is good starting to get back in to my blog i missed it :)

      Thank you xx

  4. Replies
    1. I needed to use lots of inserts that were Filofax size, and had to move out of the Mulberry, they have also stopped making the layout of diary I liked using x

  5. Lovely to see you back again Imogen. I hope and trust you are well. I'm having a play with a VdS Touch-Me binder - or I will, when it arrives. I just hope after all this that it is what I want. If not, well back to the Scanda :o)