05 November 2014

Random Facts - Part 1

I found this in my drafts, It was written about a year ago today, I quite enjoyed this post I will share some more random thoughts from my head soon!

I am an Apple person, nothing else comes close, I have tried other brands and always hated them.

I think one of my eyes is lower than the other, or one of my eye brows is higher? (that really is random)

Pomegranate juice may look tasty, but it is not (I just found this out after spending £2 on a small bottle)

I haven't bought any stationery in a long time, like pens pencils etc...

My memory is getting worse, I think it has to be to do with the hormones, I am thinking of trying something called DHEA which everyone has been talking about recently, bit nervous about it though!

I quite often watch a film or something and forget what is happening, my memory is that bad

I can feel that my injection has worn off completely now and I have another 3 weeks until I get a top up!

Since getting my new car 5 weeks ago, I have been nearly 2,500 miles! (maybe more I haven't looked in a while)

The snowman in my office is only flashing red....is that a sign?

I have size 9 feet.... MAN FEET

I am Tee-Total but I am pretty sure I did a post about that once, wow I have been tee total a bloody long time!! - I have so many more reasons now to be tee total as well - I feel proud! (I have had like one or two drinks of alcohol a year but still that is pretty good)

Harrison Ford is still magical, even though he is an old man

Now I have the Indiana Jones theme in my mind.....