16 August 2011

Pocket V Personal - HELP


So a few months ago I did a Calling of the Dog style post (Thank you to Laurie for coming up with this concept) it was over diary layouts and I came out with one winner, and today its still the best I’ve used to far, I probably will go for either a day on two pages or one page but for now its PERFECT!

But here is another situation where this is difficult!

So I wanted to move to a pocket as I have a small handbag now and decided that a Personal is too big to carry, here are the size comparisons between my Personal Crimson Malden and my Black Pocket Special Edition.

It was all made worse last night when I decided to have a look at my to do list and update it, so I did this and updated my Personal sized to do list and my Pocket Size, and I noticed that the pocket just was not as wide as the Personal in page sizing, as I believed they were the same width that was why it would work!

There is a centimetreish difference between the pocket and personal paper width wide, which I did not expect! I know its nearly half its height but that was why I liked it!

I'm not sure if its partly the diary to blame as its stiff, as if I had a Pocket Malden would make this cause any easier? I really just don’t know what to do about it!

As you can see my Pocket seems to be as big as my Personal! I think it is something to do with the design of the Pocket tho, as I believe it should be thinner!

So I will show you the comparison betweeen the different ways I have layed them out.

So first of all is the diaries, I have 2 days per page in my Personal and week to view in my Pocket!

I love the pink ruller I have for the Pocket, I wish they did more pink, and more pink accessories hehe

If I was going to go for a Pocket I would have to go for either a 2 days to a page or whole day to page, I always have a month to view as well.

Then I have my to do lists, this is when I realised how much I need to use a personal as the page width just isnt wide enough or maybe a Slimline A5 (if they existed).

Even the finance sheets the boxes are too small as they have to shrink different boxes! I know its obvious that they would do that but makes them a big too small which can drive you CRAZY!

I need to know from people who have a pocket and use it as their main Filofax if it does work or if they do find it too small and annoying! I would love to know?

Any tips you can give me to make a pocket work as I would love to use a pocket, pros and cons of a pocket too! I want to know everything possible!

Thank you all in advance and I look forward to hearing from you with your advice regarding Pocket Filofaxes



  1. I have a pocket filofax and at first it was annoying but I've got used to it now. I do need to get some more sheets for it as it is really empty at the moment but so far so good. I really wanna get a personal one to see what the difference would be - but you will get used to the pocket one :)

  2. I will be interested in the comments, as well. The (black crystal)pocket binder doesn't look that much smaller than the personal but I think that's because the fold-over flap adds some size/bulk to it. When I look at my pocket Malden vs personal Malden, it seems a lot smaller. The paper size comparison really tells the tale.

    I still haven't had time to sort out my new pocket Malden and am not sure if I'd be able to make the drop down to the pocket for my "daily" or "go to" Filofax. We'll see. Once things settle down with work I'll have some time to spend on it.

  3. Nadiine - Thank you :-) I thought i might i think its more the filofax im using maybe that im not getting on with and the diary layout :-)

    Terriknits - Im looking forward to hearing more too hehe :-D how do you find the pocket paper?


  4. I think you'll find the pocket Malden much more pleasant to use.

    I use lined pages rather than the to do lists, they are more flexible. I would try the day per page diary first, it helps to have lines in small spaces. I also write in very small caps for higher legibility and to maximize space.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Savannah - Thank you, is it alot softer and doier (made up word lol)

    are the lines on the day to a page wide or small? i dont get on all that well with lined paper hehe :-D Xxx

  6. well so far I have found the pocket paper ... smaller!! LOL! I really haven't had time to play around with the pocket Malden, so it just sits here on my desk next to my laptop taunting me. I need to clone myself to get on top of the deluge of files I'm dealing with. :-( no time to play.

  7. Imy, the lines on the day per page are very narrow. You would probably have to use double spaces if you must write larger. If you don't like lines at all maybe the two days per page?

    If you don't mind lugging around your personal all the time even though they can be quite heavy, there's no harm in that either, eh?

    It's nice to experiment occasionally and have choices, don't you think? Give you self some time to adapt and re-engineer. If your pulling your hair out in a month or so you'll know it's not for you.

  8. Imy - I just a pocket and have done for many years. Briefly changed to personal for about 11 months but returned to pocket. however, i will say that pocket is not for everyone. I think a lot of people like the idea of a pocket and the 'cuteness' of it etc but it doesnt work for everyone. The thing i noticed most when i returned to pocket was the ring size difference. my WO2P personal was not full enough which is why i chose to change back but the ring size meant less pages.

    have a great weekend. SSA

  9. Hello Imy.
    First of all your special edition filofax is beautiful! But if that's not enough to convince you into pocket size then I guess I'll help you out by telling you how I use mine hehe.
    I have been using the same pocket filofax for about five years. I recently bought a slimline finsbury but I'm finding it hard to get used to - there's just too much space on the pages! A day per page diary in the pocket was enough room for me to record appointments, to dos and little reminders for each day. I usually use post its for to dos anyway, (that way I can easily shift them from day to day and they stand out. Plus, who doesn't love post its?!) If you're finding some of your pages too small, try using plain paper and using it landscape so the page is wider.
    Obviously the ring size in the pocket is smaller, so I just carry a couple of months at a time in DPP and then a full accademic year in month on two pages - it helps me stay organised and plan my time better if I can see my month planned out on one page and then have single pages to plan out my work load for each day. I get rid of each month from the diary as they pass and I no longer need them.
    Try using pocket size for a month or so and see how you go. Figure out what you need to record most/have access to while you're out and about and ditch the rest. would love to know how you get on :)
    Peace, love & sparkles.
    L. x