17 September 2012


I am making a few announcements today.

Announcement Number 1

My Filofax Competition closed today!

I have a total of 55 entrants, and as I said if I get 50 entrants I will have three prizes, so here they are:

First Place: 


Personal Domino Filofax in Ultra Violet with a Black Frixion Pen to get you started (and some stickers)

Second Place:


I raided my local Staples and bought some cute stationery and a cute small pencil case perfect to carry with your Filofax in your bag, and some other little things! (there will also be some stickers included)

Third Place: 


Similar to above, just a little less.

The Winner will be announced on Friday!!!!! GOOD LUCK!

Sorry that I couldn't get much more towards the prizes, but I am on a low wage etc.... but there will be two more competitions coming up over the next 3 months! 

Announcement Number 2

It will be reopening its doors on 1 October 2012!

We look forward to you all joining for a new Filofax College experience!

Announcement Number 3

It is the Philofaxy Meet up this weekend! I AM EXCITED... That is all.


  1. Excited! Can i join the college please? (i had to go look at what it was!)
    Ive even marked the announcement date of the competition in my filo!!!
    Happy filofaxing!

  2. Good luck to all participants! And what lovely prizes!

  3. Wow the prizes are amazing.

    Do not get me wrong but I like price 2 & 3 more than 1. Where did you get these wonderful stuff?

  4. Your prizes are awesome and so thoughtful! My fingers are crossed :)

  5. Oh, these prices are wonderful. I hope that I'll win one of them ;)

  6. And what is it exactly? Won't we be able to read the posts (or watch the podcasts or whatever) without 'enrolling' (subscribing to something?) or how does it work?

  7. Alice - Yes you can :)

    Welcome to College

    Merce, Jana, AFH63, Natalie - GOOD LUCK!

    Neonlicht - It is just a set of blog posts every Monday that help you with your filofax and some have homework for you to do etc... then there is usually a competition to win something at the end of term :)
    it is free to enter xxx

  8. Yey...do i have to email you or can i just join in when it starts?
    And the prizes are lush....very excited!!

  9. Cool, Imy, thank you. I'm interested. I want to get into the habit to write things down (much more than I do now) and, more importantly, check them later and take actions upon then. Perhaps having some 'homework' helps (forces?) me to get into that habit? :-)

  10. Excited for Filofax College. Would love to sign up. Let me know how please.

  11. Imy, would you please register me for Filofax College? Thank you!

  12. What amazing prizes - didn't realise there was going to be 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Very thoughtful :)

  13. Alice, Steph, Joseph - Just take part in the first lesson and do the homework and that is all you will need to do to sign up then join in weekly on the Mondays

    Morag - There wasn't going to be 1st 2nd 3rd, but i felt as so many people had made the effort to enter i would spend my own money and make up two prizes as well :) x

  14. oooh, I didn't know about Filofax College!!