18 April 2012

Filofax with a Bottle Holder? Design Idea?

Last night I sat down to chat to my lovely friend Louise on Skype, I decided I was going to relax with a nice bottle of Berry Rattler, which is a lovely Cornish Cider!


As I was sipping away at this cider I looked at my Filofax and I started thinking, what if my Filofax had the potential to hold a bottle of cider or wine etc......

Which led me to think about if my Filofax could hold my Cider the world would be a better place.

I realise I am sounding like an alcoholic with all this talk about my bottle of Cider but I will tell you the following information:
  • I was tee-total for 4 years! NO ALCOHOL for 4 YEARS!!!! 
  • I hardly ever have alcohol as it makes me ill, I can't really drink one, it just messes with my body
  • I only had one! 
  • I am old enough, being 21, and ugly enough!
  • I NEVER  have binge drink, if I am planning on having alcohol I have ONE DRINK! 
Now I have cleared that bit up back to the blog post....

So I sat there and I played around a bit...



But I could not get my Filofax to close no matter how hard I tried... SO Filofax you need to think about this when making future Filofaxes...will a bottle of Cider fit?

I look forward to seeing the new Cider Fit Filofaxes in a shop near me soon!

1 comment:

  1. There was a hip flask accessory once with a flap so it fitted in to a Filofax.

    They have been on Ebay.

    Here's one...


    not very good pictures though