19 April 2012

My Weightloss so far.......

I have been trying to loose weight for 2 years now, off and on, I originally was size 8 and about 7 stone. I was this size and looked like this until the age of 17, when I had my Gonadectamy!


I know I look very skinny, but I was so happy being skinny (this picture was when I was 15) I felt so confident with my body, I felt so happy, I used to walk around in the summer in a crop top and mini skirt as I was so comfortable! Now in the summer I wear baggy things to hide how I look.

Just after my Gonadectamy they put me on Estrogen, and I noticed that I gained weight, alot of weight, I went from 8 stone (before my Gonadectamy) to 13 stone in 2 years! It was such a change I felt awful, I felt ugly, I REALLY hated my body! I tried to hard to loose the weight I had gained, but the estrogen seemed to not let me. Just under a year ago I changed to Testosterone! Ever since I have been able to loose weight, but the final push that really helped was getting out of my old relationship, as I felt so down I was not eating properly I would come home and eat 4-5 kit kats a few packet of crisps and something rubbish like chicken nuggest for dinner!

I was in a bad place.....Here is me just after I got out of that relationship




It also shows I did so much more after getting out of the relationship!

At that time I was 13 stone 3 pounds!

I have been loosing weight since, only drinking water and fruit juice, trying to eat as healthy as possible, cut out as much junk as possible and try to do 45 minutes of walking a day. I know it isn't much exercise but due to where I live and the fact I can't drive I am unable to do any sort of fitness thing due to the bus timetable, and the fact I have to rely on others. I know that's just another excuse and all but one day I will try and get to do MORE exercise! I don't often have much energy due to the fact I feel I need more hormones then I am getting, but that I can only sort out at my next hospital appointment in October.

So here are some pictures since....

The first two pictures are of some clothes that I ordered after my normal clothes were starting to hang off me. None of my jeans fit me any more, they are all hanging off me as if they are for two people.

I had lost 1 stone and 3 pounds in this picture


And I have finally been able to fit in to a SIZE 12 mini skirt! (I was size 16 in October)

size 12

I ordered a Superdry skirt this week, it is size 14, but with Superdry all their clothes seem to be one size smaller than they actually are if that makes sense?

But from this picture you can see I have lost more weight! I have not weighed myself in a few weeks so I cannot give you an update but I just wanted to show you my most recent picture!


I checked my BMI the other day, when I started I was in the OVERWEIGHT category at 28.7! I am still in the OVERWEIGHT category, but I am 26! and the maximum healthy BMI for my height and all is 25!!! I am so close!!!

I will give you another update in a few months! But I am determined to loose my stomach and muffin tops by birthday!!! Wish me luck!!!


  1. Good luck - you are doing so well Imy :o) I started exercising for the first time in a very long time this year and have found the Beachbody programmes tough, but good. I haven't followed any of the programmes rigidly as I never have time, work full time, and have 2 small boys - but even only doing half the workouts (or less a lot of the time) I have lost over a stone and have toned up in areas I thought would never be toned. You can do it :o)

  2. wow well done hunni! doing it all on your own too - big well done! :o)
    I was super focused this week and last night I lost 2lb!! :o) yay!
    44.5lb down, 5.5lb to go! :o) xx

  3. good job, Imy! You look fantastic, but you didn't look that bad at your heavier weight, either. Your brilliant smile makes you beautiful!

    Don't get too hung up/discouraged on the BMI thing. A few years ago when I was 20 lb lighter than I am now, according to the BMI I was skirting on the edge of "overweight". And I was pretty thin. Now I'm at the other end of the hormone thing, perimenopausal, which makes my hormones lessen and the levels fluctuate, so while I never had problems with eating what I wanted and exercising, now it matters!

    Just keep doing what you are - eating thoughtfully, exercising when you can. Don't discount the benefits of walking. You can do it anywhere (that you feel safe, that is), it helps keep your metabolism working, etc.

  4. Well done, sweetie! I do hope you won't get as skinny as in that first picture. Somehow, that doesn't look like you at all! That could be any kids, not that warm, bubbly woman, that you have become meanwhile! You should preserve a little bit of chubbiness, it suits you well! Be proud of yourself!!!

  5. Thank you everyone!!! i have been trying to do it naturaly rather than follow any mental health regime or do lots of mental excersie as that just isnt me so its easier to reduce all the rubbish and just walk a bit more! need to up it all tho :) hehe


  6. Thank you everyone!!! i have been trying to do it naturaly rather than follow any mental health regime or do lots of mental excersie as that just isnt me so its easier to reduce all the rubbish and just walk a bit more! need to up it all tho :) hehe