29 August 2012

What's in my Car - All Stars Guest Post - Alistair from All Things Gay

I am very lucky to today have Alistair from All Things Gay as part of the Philofaxy All Stars, and we have decided to swap posts on our Cars, What's in our cars to be exact! So look out on his blog for my post!


What’s in my Car

Hi everyone! Its Alistair here from allthingsgay123.blogspot.co.uk. Let me first of all say what a pleasure it is to be writing on Imy’s blog as part of the philofaxy all stars tour! This post it going to be about what’s in my car. I am the proud owner of a silver Renault Clio as seen above and here’s what's inside.

Here are my keys to get into my car. They are fairly minimalist to say the least! But I think they look quite cool. Ones the car key the other is for my house and the charm is a skull featured in my haul post a while ago.


The first thing everyone notices when they get in my car is the floor mats!


Hanging from my mirror I've got a jelly belly air freshener and another cheapy air freshener.


In a little slot next to my clock I keep some STRAWBERRY TIC TACS! They are AMAZING.


In the little cubby hole down here I keep a Carex hand sanitizer, a bag full of change for parking and a tub from extra chewing gum with Werthers originals in.


Above this on my air vents I have a little stand for my blackberry.


In a concealed pocket near my gear stick I keep an I trip and its remote. This plugs into my iPod and make the songs play on the radio.


In the back pockets of the two front seats I keep a first aid kit (god forbid id need to use it!!) and a car manual.



The boot of my car and the passenger side cupboard contain really boring car stuff so I didn’t bother with a picture as this post is long enough already! But I have a tyre pump, more air fresheners, a Tesco bag and wheel locks.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Thank you Alistair for guest staring on my blog it has been a pleasure to see what is inside your car, and wow, your car looks so much cleaner and tidier than mine!



  1. hey imy thats gas i just bought exactly the same car today! hopefully ill get a good few years out of it

  2. thats gas , i just bought the exact same car today! hopefully ill get a good few years out of it

  3. Sweet ride...enjoyed the post! Also hopped over to the blog and will go back when I get a chance. Have a great weekend!

  4. Yeah, I noticed too how tidy your car is! Anyway, it’s good that you have a first aid kit in your car. How I wish my car was as clean and organized like yours. It’s different because I have three kids that regularly ride in my car. It’s not exactly a relaxing Sunday cruise, and things can get kinda rowdy in here when the kids are in a playful mood, but I love them either way. :)

    -Nicole Vickers

  5. Alistair’s car looks super tidy! I like the little stand for his phone. It would be good if it could be connected to the car’s navigation system. That way, you can receive and make phone calls without actually having to pick up the phone and dial in the number, and being distracted from driving.

    @Erwin Calverley

  6. Being a minimalist for your car key’s key chains is a good thing! It would help maintain a good condition for your key slot. The lighter your keys weigh, the less your key slow would wear out. Anyway, your car looks neat. It is important to keep the exterior and interior clean to prevent the development of car molds.

    Delsie Maidens

  7. I wish I'd been able to keep my old car so organised!