14 June 2011

Worrying Filofax Dreams

Bonjourno Buttercups!

Well I had to write this blog post to tell you all about my wonderful dream!

Well I was in London with my best friend, just about to go in to the Conduit Street store of Filofaxes opposite Vivien Westwood Mmm….

So we went in to the shop and I saw all the lovely Filofaxes, and I went up to the Sales person (she was a lady with long brown hair and kind of looked a bit like Laurie from Plannerisms I really am not lying), I asked her if I could film inside the shop as I had an amazing idea for a film.

She said yes, so we went back outside and my friend held the camera, I did an introduction,  outside the store, then had it so she followed me in to Filofax, and we went to the organisers, I picked up a Malden in Crimson, I had a Chanel GST on my arm, like in this picture: -

But it had Gold Hard Ware rather than Silver!

I decided to go for a Malden without any stuffing inside (inserts…) see below Steve’s BEAUTIFUL Maldens for a point of reference!

A5 and Personal Malden

The picture above of the two Maldens is from the lovely Steve from Philofaxy, he gave me his permission to use it, as I wanted to brighten up my post, here is a link where he blogged about the two beauties on Philofaxy
Back to the story, we went over to the Filofax Inserts section for me to choose all the inserts I wanted to make my Filofax my own etc, I choose the 2 days to a page format for the diary, and loads of note papers, I also picked up a Flex note book for the Slim one, (yes my conversation with Steve about the Flex notebooks even though it was VERY short really affected my dream). Then I did a bit of an interview with the sales person that I'm convinced was Laurie!!!

I didn't have much to

(this is just for reference, this is my last shopping trip in the Filofax store)

She put all my purchases in the bag and we left, which is when I woke up, but the odd thing was I woke up thinking ahhh I don’t know what to do, I love the Personal but its too small but maybe I could make it work for me as the A5 is too big to carry, and I think the Malden could be the PERFECT Filofax, but then I got to thinking about the Slimline and just soo many choices.

I need all of your advice! I am having such a trauma with this Filofax thing that I'm dreaming about them! Its since I did my Flex review I kind of realised…ITS NOT A FILOFAX and that kind of hit me hard, yes I'm that mental I'm actually totally obsessed with Filofaxes!

Anyway if you could all give me some help and tell me HOW AMAZING THE MALDEN IS I need some enabling and I can justify it as I want to get a 21st Filofax!

Much Love <3 xxxx look forward to hearing from you all!! !


  1. LOL!!! Well if we ever were in a Filofax shop together you can bet I would completely geek out and help you compare all the features, pros and cons of each one!!

  2. Laurie - If only you still lived in Scotland we could work something out :-) hehe

  3. Great to read, I think Imy you have just suggested Laurie's ultimate job may be...!!!

    Great post, you should write more...

  4. Steve - Thank you and weirdly enough it was litterally what i drempt then i wrote it out, maybe i should write my dreams more often!

    Anyway i would blog more but i just have to much going on in my personal life (i am helping to set up a charity for lobbying in the UK to get equal rights, HEAVY STUFF) and also my youtube, i struggle to find the time to do things, but im hoping that when i get this new Filofax it may help me to blog better, like organise blogs as i did plan like 5 blog posts and NEVER did them!!! like a Whats in my filofax, and review of Macbook Air etc, thats partly whyy i bought the Macbook Air for blogging! lol

    What a long answer!

  5. Imy, love your videos on YouTube! I'm having some planner angst as well - my Malden personal is just a bit too small for my work needs (but great for personal). I don't know what to do either. I don't necessarily want an A5 FF. I'm slumming right now with a 7.25" x 9.25" bound notebook for work items. Good luck solving your dilemma!

  6. Imy this post made me laugh so much yesterday. Loved it! Now onto the Malden. The truth is since I got my Malden I have not wanted any other in the personal size. I am totally delighted wih it. I think you should definitely visit the filofax store and touch and feel them.
    I was excited to get a blog post entry. I love your videos too but I enjoy reading the written word :-)

  7. Imy, this is exactly my dilemma so I'll be watching what you do with great interest!

    Love your You Tube videos - how on earth do you do it? I suppose you just record yourself on your laptop? Keep them coming as they are so much fun.

    Love to read blogs too - not always in a place I can watch you tube, but can always read a blog post!

  8. Imy, if you're ever in Plymouth you can come and visit my Maldens! I have a crimson and an ochre in personal and a crimson in pocket now, feel free to have a look at them if you want to be enabled to buy them! And don't forget how cheap city organiser is for the Malden at the mo!

  9. Terriknits – Thank you :-) I know what you mean, when I have my findings from my experiment of trying to find perfect Filofax I will let you know, I'm sure that a Personal can be fine for everything! :-)

    CP – Thank you I'm glad I have entertained you! Yes I am going to look but I really fancy the black one, fingers crossed they have it in Neal street! I am going to do a lot more for you CP as I enjoy doing them and its easier than doing videos, I'm feeling a bit slack on the video front today for some reason?

    Alison – I will be doing more post on the dilemma, have you had a dream about the dilemma yet tho? Lol No I have like 3 or 4 video cameras, yes that is sad, but I'm a gadget Filofax freak! Thanks I will try and do more, but I'm going to go for a few weeks of blogging I feel!

    TPS – I might take you up on that offer, or when I get my Malden they can have a coffee together ;-) hehe I'm going to City Organiser when I go London next! I'm so excited I know exactly where it was I stayed METERS from it!

  10. Yes, yes! I had a Filofax dream when I couldn't decide between my A5 Adelphi and Chameleon. And in my dream I was fretting about choosing between the Adelphi and Chameleon. What a rip off when your dream reflects life in such a literal way. No unicorns, even. And I woke up no closer to an answer (so got them both. Ha!) Your dream sounds more fun--I would love shop in a Filofax store (even if only in a dream.) Here in Oregon, I have to rely on online retailers.

    I only just got mine, so I need to ignore all the posts and comments about the Malden, lest I be tempted...

  11. Cindy - is it sad to dream of filofaxes tho? i cant decide! :-)

    I know what you mean! the malden its soo pretty :-D im in love!!! but i keep looking a the special pocket one with the crystal things on :-D

  12. Imy, thank you so much for your videos! I really enjoy watching them.

    I have the crimson personal Malden & I am in (filofax) love! Lies flat out of the box, rugged enough to chuck into a bag & the soft leather means it can hold loads. Will get round to doing a review on my blog soon. I love it so much I'm planning on selling my other 2 filos :)

  13. Anita - AWWW Thank you :-D

    Thats what i was thinking as it looks so beautiful soft and worne out of the box compared to a finsbury for example, and you just want to use it as its so pretty :-D

    (getting a pocket too for my handbag)

    Dont sell filofaxes, keep them!!! :-) i have a shelf 1/7 full :-) only need to get 6/7 more! lol :-D then i can have a full shelf of Filofaxes AHHHHH!!!!