07 January 2013

My Filofax Week #1

Last week Paperlovestory posted about how she wanted to get people involved with the Filofax Week, here is this week of hers... CLICK HERE and here is the post about joining in on her My Filofax Week posts

I decided I wanted to join this challenge and post each of my weeks, at the moment my weeks will look a bit boring as work is just really busy bu they will get more exciting each week, I HOPE!!

Here is my first week, I also need to say I am no longer going to track my finance in my Filofax as I am unable to write some things down and I miss things so I get annoyed!

Week 1

Week 1

Week 1

Week 1

Just to clear things up...

Brown Willy is a race around the moors around a place called Brown Willy, my boyfriend was going to enter but he couldn't in the end.

Sea Monkey's are due to the fact I got them for Christmas and I want to look after them, if it goes well I may get a Goldfish

The end of this week I just wrote random stuff in to fill it up to be honest, I had nothing exciting to write or that I did due to my knee injury, which you will all know about if you are on twitter!!!

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  1. Hi Imy! Thank you for your blog. I have linked your blog in one of my blog posts because you are so inspirational and fun. You were the original Filofax person to give me the bug - keep up the great work!