30 June 2011

Filofax Dreams About Jon? Not as it sounds!

Thank Graham it's Thursday!

Yet another dream and it was Filofax related!

I was sitting in my office, looking on YouTube and it was telling me one of my Filofax videos had been removed due to copyright problems! Then out the corner of my eye I saw a Filofax van turn up, I was all excited thinking ooo is this something for me?

The person got out with a pile of Filofaxes and just went next door, I'm guessing it was like a book club with Filofaxes. (doesn't that sound like stuff dreams are made of) They never came to my office so I went home bit fed up and down.

As soon as I got home what did I see but the Filofax van, and Jon was driving, but he looked like this person on YouTube was rather odd. (not that i even know what he looks like to compare him) He did this whole Filofax stunt show! I don't remember how he did stunts with Filofaxes but it was interesting!

Then he gave me a little box, I opened it and it had my special Filofax inside, I opened the Filofax and it had all the wrong sized pages inside, a pen and a sticky note. The sticky note said, "I hope you enjoy this special Filofax, from the Filofax team".

I put it down and saw this magazine next to me, I opened it and the first thing I saw was an advert for a Filofax convention! It was Filofaxes and lots of diary insert suppliers and pen suppliers! It look amazing! But it was in Edinburg, so I spoke to Jon to find out more about this amazing thing! But he just said yeah I'm going but I know nothing else, so I tried to persuade my parents to take me and they refused!

I went and sat down and looked at my Filofax again but properly this time, it had mini pages in a pocket sized Filofax! I was so confused, I looked through and noticed there were some hand printed pages, it was all my Facebook and twitter contacts printed with pictures and everything? I was really confused by this! Then I woke up

What are with all these weird Filofax dreams lately! But I like to share the ones I remember that are the most interesting with you all! Will start on my pen comparison as soon as I get in to work, then I will set up the first post for Filofax college you can still enrol, filofaximy@live.com

Much love <3 xxxx

To clear it up, jon looked like the one in glasses in my dream....


  1. Oh, Imy! Your dream is quite entertaining! The stress over mini pages in a pocket Filo...:) I really hope you get to work for them someday-it may be your destiny! x

  2. Anonymous=Sandra (darn BB)

  3. Sandra - I dont even have it yet :-( lol but yes it does!!! :-( x

  4. I don't often have dreams about Filos (odd, I know), but every once in a while, I have dreams about bags, about going into a bag store and being able to buy any bag I want because money is not an issue. The trouble is, I can never decide on which bag would be best. I have a million picked out but somehow, I always wake up before making the big decision.

  5. Wow I thought I was the only one who dreamed about planners/ Filofaxes! Glad I'm not alone!! :D

  6. Kanalt - i know the feeling i always have dreams about bags and filofaxes when im deciding about a purchase i wont have any for a while now! lol :-)

    Laurie - Dont you remember my dream about you and filofaxes a few weeks ago? lol

  7. Oh that's right you had a dream about ME and Filofaxes!! LOL!! How could I forget??