17 June 2011

Meerkat Adventures!

Morning Cupcake Critters!

I managed to adopt a lovely Meerkat yesterday!

Here his is in his packaging crate they sent him in, you see when you import Meerkats these days they think its something to do with the Compare the Meerkat website and automatically make him look like a toy! Which I was not all that impressed with, he is a living animal!

So after I took him out of his packaging crate he quickly scurried off, and hid, I think he was a bit shy it being his first day as a real life Meerkat in Cornwall, being a Meerkat in Cornwall is harder than if he lived in London you see! You have to be careful with them, as they like to nibble you.

After he got over his shyness he peaked around the corner and that pesky Meerkat was copying every word I said, he jus would not be quiet! I really don’t get why. So I fed him a Snickers bar and that shut him up (I don’t have photo evidence of him eating chocolate as he snuck off around the corner).

As you can tell he is quite nervous around me, me being 4 or 5 times his size maybe even more! But there is one big problem, I just could not name him, when I held him for the first time I just didn’t “feel” a name for him! He just was Meerkat (oh and he is defiantly a HE).

When we got home I let him meet Martin and as soon as he saw him he ran over to him and cuddled, Martin really has a way with animals!

We went inside and he just hid in the corner, I could even get a picture of him hiding, couldn’t see him.

Then this morning I woke up and guess what was going on……….he was snuggled up under the covers, taking up three quarters of the bed! Which is not fair me and Martin were pushed over to the side by him.

See what I mean about him stealing my bedding! Nasty little Meerkat but isn’t he so cute!!!

So can you PLEASE come up with a name for him? I will post more adventures of a Meerkat soon!


Disclaimer about Filofax College:

Its not mandatory to join in with every class, if you miss one you can easily catch up, you don’t have to do the Homework, its more just going to be things you can learn, and some homework will be fun, if you need an excuse to watch a film this is it!

Also if you want to do a lesson, you just have to plan it, any homework you want done from it, if you have a pop quiz just give me the answers I do not mind marking them. So you don’t have to do too much work if you want to do it, and obviously I will plug your blog/youtube/twitter what ever you want!

If you have any other questions about Filofax college just email me at filofaximy@live.com

Look forward to hearing from you all!

Much Love <3 xxx Imy xxx

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