21 June 2011

Filofax Solutions - Felt Making & Fathers Day Treats

Happy Tuesday Truffles

How are you all today? Hope you all had a nice weekend, well I have a very long post here today for you, about my day yesterday and my Filofax ideas……

Well I will start on the Filofax Themed variety as I know that’s what you all want to hear!!!

So I have been thinking and thinking then I received a sign, it was in the name of Filofax and I had to think no more! So I am getting the Special Edition Pocket I was talking about the other day! Rather excited about that, and I'm going to tell you what I am going to do with it, how I am going to use it and how pretty I believe its going to be when it arrives, then I have a bit more Filofax news to tell you!

I am either going to use the diary that comes with it, week to page cotton cream, or get a day to a page and month to view diary, this is because I am planning on using it as a “handbag” diary, as in when I'm out and about and I make an appointment or a plan with a friend I can write it down (I down sizing handbags so need smaller diary, or I might just be staying same size, but I'm going up in the handbag world). I am also going to use it for small to do lists during the day, i.e. shopping lists etc, its just going to be my cute diary to go to, and I will always keep it up to date and in my bag! I PROMISE!!!!!

So that’s my plan for the Special Pocket ;-) and by golly it’s a good plan!

After that I am going to get a Malden Personal sized in either Red or Black, I am going to use that as my “main” Filofax and it is going to have all information in I need all the time, i.e. HM Revenue and Customs Tax Offices, as I'm a secretary in an accountants, I cant remember all the tax office addresses so I have them written down and I thought where better than in a Filofax! (Need some enabling towards Malden)

EVERYTHING in the Malden is going to be colour coded!! And very well organised, I'm also going to have sections for youtube planning, blog planning etc…..so look out for my post on how I use my Filofaxes to find out more about this whole issue!

I just have to say this one thing before I move on to the next subject at hand……I CANNOT WAIT TO GO TO THE PHILOFAXY MEET UP IN SEPTEMBER!!!!!!

Now I can tell you all about my weekend, well I went to the Roller disco as usual, yay, I am getting better, roller disco post coming later in the week! Like promised!!

I baked some cupcakes on Sunday for Fathers Day and my Granddads birthday the week before!

Coffee Cupcakes with Coffee Icing!

I sliced the tops off then put icing inside as well to make them more moist, my cakes are always dry, this is a before and after pic!

Then the next day I had my injection in the bum and felt NOTHING! YAY!!!! Lol after my boyfriend telling me it would hurt (no pictures I'm afraid haha)

We went home and tried to make a felt handbag me and my mum did, it was quite interesting as it didn’t work too well, here are some pictures: -

My mother

Here is my kitten (shes a full grown cat now tho) Kalamari, we left her alone and she slept on my Macbook Pro, she obviously loves Apple computers too!!!

Sorry the end of this post has been quite week, my weekend wasn’t too exciting!

Much Love <3 xxx


  1. Oh I cant wait for your special edition filofax to arrive. It is very glamorous so perfect for you. I love my Malden too. Since I got it I havent needed anything else for work. It is just perfect.

    Yay. I am so excited for the meetup in September too!

  2. CP - I know, im hoping it will arrive today! :-D I so hope it will be big enough to use for a mini diary for my bag etc, but then i might get used to the size and use it all the time for everything hehe

    The Malden is pretty special, i dont know if i will be getting it on my birthday or i will wait until September meet up, but i have to get it!

    Its going to be so fun! :-) and im looking forawrd to the walk too, and the Fish and Chips in the tate are to die for :-D lol

    Really cannot wait to meet you! :-D xxx