30 June 2011

Lamy Safari V Parker Pen - Haul

Howdy Hedgehogs!!!

First things first


This was what I came in to this morning!! There was another banner up BUT I took it down without realising, then I suddenly thought oh I need to take a photo!

My desk was covered in confetti, and do you see the two Chanel handbags on my screen, GST and PST, yes I'm a woman obsessed!!!

Now that I have shared all that with you and wished Iris a Happy Birthday!

On to my lovely new pen that I'm not too sure about!

I will show you the outside, you will probably guess what it is, this was after a bit of enabling from CP, but it wasn’t like that, she just told me how you can use it with pink ink!!! I have been wanting a fountain pen with pink ink for AGES! But I wanted it to be a pink fountain pen too but no luck!

I will show you all the pictures of my unveiling of my pen!

Isn’t she a beaut! Yes it’s the Lamy Safari in Turquoise! YAY!!!!

I have been using a parker pen for a long time now, ever since year 8 at school, I have been through 3 of the same parker pen, oh I love that pen!

Here is them next to each other!

I also did a few test so compare the writing capabilities, the Lamy is the lighter of the inks and the Parker is the darker!

So far I have found the Lamy to be a bit scratchy, does the nib settle in a bit? Its just slightly feels like there is a bit of resistance between the nib and paper as if I'm writing on sanding paper? Is that normal for the first few uses of it! But I love the way you hold it, it feels like its all snuggled up in my hand at home!

She is rather a chunky pen too!!!

I'm a smitten kitten so far, lets just hope she gets a bit looser!!

I also bought the following: -

The Body Shop – Vitamin E Rose Spray Mist, luxurious for hot days and times in the city when you just need to freshen up!
The Body Shop – Eye shadow pallet on sale! (I had a £5 voucher with my magazine and needed to get the Mist)

Hello Kitty Stickers – There puffy and have fruit on them!! MMM

Hope you have enjoyed all that

Much Love <3 xxx


  1. hmm, I wonder WHO else will be having a BIG birthday soon ... :-) That Lamy pen looks fabulous. I've been moderately tempted for al ong time, but then I think about ink and all that and I just am "meh". I love yours, though.

  2. Yay you got your Lamy! I sent you the link to some posts. I will also email you the website where I got my stuff :-)

  3. Imy, i think we might be twins! I bought the exacrt same pen the other week, fine nib with black ink, and the hello kitty stickers!! We have to go shopping together one day!!

  4. Iris - Any time :-) Hope you had a nice one!!!

    Terriknits - HEHE :-) i had a great birthday!!

    It is soo nice now i have used it it has softened up and writes better not scratchy anymore!!! YAY

    CP - Thank you i need to find that email and put it on my list of bookmarks for when i buy it :-D

    TPS - HEHE :-) YAY I have a twin!!! I would feel sorry for the world if i did have a real life twin! :-) Maybe we should have a shop together one day ;-)