16 June 2011

I Promise

A list of promises!

  1. I will do a post about the day at the wedding a few weeks ago!
  2. I will do a post about my Roller Disco evening
  3. I will do a post about my trip to Shopping
  4. I will do a post about my Filofax Troubles
  5. I will post once a week minimum and I promise! 
1 Down 4 more promises to go! :-D 


    1. I'm looking forward to the roller disco post!

    2. I can't wait to read them all! muhahahahhahahahahha! yay!

    3. Looking forward to all of them, so I'm gonna hold you to these, okay hon?

    4. Alannarama - i will do it next week as im going again on Saturday so will have more to add to it :-)

      CP - wont be too long, did one for you today CP lol

      Roanne - OK gives me something to do as well :-) Remind me if i havent by next friday at least done 2 ;-) x

    5. You are a brave one putting your promises out there for all to read! Good luck with each! Although you need less luck, and more discipline... :) x

      Looking forward to your posts!

    6. Sandra - Thank you, but i feel if i get in a routine and blog like 2 or 3 times a week that i will stick to it, and use my diary i will get organised! lol

      im looking forward to your next post ;-) maybe throughly how your husband uses his hello kitty planner haha xxx