10 May 2011

Dress Shopping with Imy


I went shopping yesterday for a dress, as I have been looking for one for a wedding in June for a while, here is my story of shopping for it!

We caught the train up, this is where the story starts.

I had to catch the bus to get to the train station to meet my mum, I was standing at the bus stop and it had to start raining not just any rain heavy torrential rain that makes you wet no matter how hard you try.

The worst part is there was no bus shelter just me my brolly and an open main road, the wind was really strong at one point I tuned around and the umbrella blew inside out. I had to wait an extra 10 minutes as usual in the UK the public transport failed me again. If only I lived in China or Hong Kong I would never be late!

So I finally got on the bus, there were a load of chavs on the back seat, so that was my relaxing bus trip out the window! All I could hear was their music blaring from their phones, it was all really old like 2008 pop and music I was just so fed up by this point after getting soaked before I even got anywhere.

I finally got to the train station, and yes it had started to tip down again (btw the rain stopped as soon as I got on the bus!).

So I went over and met my mum, we joined the queue to buy our tickets, just as we did the train turned up, it was one of those situations where you think shall I get on and hope the ticket man comes around or wait for an hour. We just ran and quickly got on the train, found a seat out the way sat next to each other and chatted.

I may sound really sad at this point but I was getting worried that the ticket man wasn’t going to come around, we were getting closer and closer to our destination (you get fined £20 and have to pay for the ticket as well) luckily as we got off the train we realised we could buy the tickets before going thought the barrier! YAY

We walked towards the shops, luckily it had brightened up and the weather was nice!

First place we went was H&M after quickly having a look in Stormfront at the Macbook Air to show my mum (sorry M and F), we went in to H&M and saw lots of things I liked but hardly any dresses, my mum saw lots of Maxi dresses which I hated!!!

We went in a few shops and I saw nothing I liked what so ever! We went in Oasis then I saw it, the perfect dream dress, exactly what I wanted picture below: -

Floaty, girly, feminine, pretty, and pale!

This was exactly what I was looking for, so we looked on rail, and they had none in size 16 (remember I have HUGE boobs, makes shopping a nightmare).

So I thought ok, we will try the one in House of Fraser they must have it!

We were about to walk past a sunglasses hut and I said I have to go in, I wanted to try on my perfect Chanel Sunglasses, but I couldn’t see them, I have been dreaming about these for AGES! Then just as I was about to give up I found them!!!!

I couldn’t get it to focus on the bow properly, but I love these so much, here is a pic of them on me, they would look so much better with my hair down!

I tried the mummy line and it didn’t work (I didn’t expect it to, it was just as a joke).

My mum was feeling a bit blah (sometimes when she hasn’t eaten in a while she feels a bit blah) so we went to Starbucks (yes I'm there tooo often) we sat down had a drink I had the usual Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Mmmm….. only had the Tall yet again!

After that we went to Primark, I do not see why people get so excited when ever I go I NEVER can find anything, where do people get all these amazing clothes, I never find them!!!

Then we went to have a look in New Look, I was just having no luck so we went back upstairs and we went to have a look at Bras, now at the moment my bra is a 34GG and they have grown more so I wanted to try on a 34H or 36H, well this shop only went up to GG and decided putting ones that are bigger around would work so I tried on these ones that were far too big.

Now let me tell you about the girls make up, yes I'm not amazing at make up but this was just different, instead of the really thick line on your eye lid she put it under her eye and how silly did she look! I just felt like saying to her I think you have gone a bit wrong. It might of looked better if it went along the eye lid too but no, just one thick black line below her eyelashes!

After that I said to my mum ok that’s it, we are going to H&M and anything you tell me to try on I will, no matter how silly I look!

She made me try on two Maxi Dresses, I had a moment where I realised my mum is actually right! So I tried them on and loved the fact they were really really long! How magical are they! But they didn’t fit properly as my boobs were too big and they were all in the wrong places etc……

….as we left I saw across the way this dress, it was beautiful black top, with a colourful flower pattern, it wasn’t light it was darker, and it wasn’t what I wanted one bit, but I had to try it on.

They only had size 12, which sort of fitted and I was like oh yeah I can fit in to a size 12 (best part of the day!)

But it didn’t fit perfectly so we walked around some more! We walked for hours!

We went in to House of Fraser, they had a Mac Section, omg they had the eyeshadows for the Mac Pro Pallette and as mine only has one in I thought I would ask if I find a dress if my mum would get a matching colour? She didn’t really say anything.

We went to the back of the shop as that was where all the nice clothes are, the Oasis dress was not there, so I couldn’t even try it on!

But they had a nice Tommy Hilfiger Maxi dress which was lush but as soon as I put it on I realised you had to be flat chested! So disappointed, by now we were both pretty fed up didn’t know what to do, so we just went back to the Shopping Mall.

There were those fish that eat at your feet at all the dead skin, I really wanted to try them, but my mum wasn’t too kean. So I didn’t get to experience the fun of having your feet eaten!

We decided to go back to the train station. It was quite an uneventful trip home really! YAY

When I got home I went straight on the Monsoon website to find the dress I loved in size 14 and, yes it was available only size 8 and size 14, I phoned my parents told them to order straight away!

A few hours later my dad phoned up asking where it was as he could only see size 8, the size 14 had gone! So I decided to go to Monsoon today, in hope they will have it in size 14! And they did!

I tried it on and its perfect, here are the pictures!

Lol at my face! Sorry I look a mess no make up and all!

OMG I look like an orange orangatange! The lighting is a bit off but you get the idea about the dress! AMAZING

I told them at the counter, is it ok if i have this reserved for my daddy to pick up later (ok I didnt say Daddy, i said Dad, but you get idea, its a present from my grandparents and they have the money).

Now I just want a bright pink cardigan and a nice bag and some sparkly shoes!

More shopping to come!

Much Love <3 xxx

P.s Roller Skating tonight, look forward to seeing my lovely skates!!!


  1. Imy you are too cute! And you crack me up. I LOVE maxi dresses. I must own more than 10 and I feel very girl and feminine in them. They are also super comfy so I am glad you took the plunge.

    My bust is small so I dont have any problems with that. However I have a Caribbean bum, with large hips. haha. I LOVE your dress!

  2. Imy - you look lovely and the dress is so pretty!


  3. CP - thank you so much :-) i have large hips too :-(

    but you look beautiful :-) very jelous of your figure! :-)

    im so excited to wear it :-)

    -aspiretobe - thank you :-)