05 May 2011

Filofax Placement - Things I love Thursday

Hello my lovely buttercups

So I was looking at my desk and noticed I have a perfectly large space, I was thinking what could I put there, then I realised, if I don’t put my Filofax there its going to mean its going to be filled with RUBBISH and my desk will be an awful mess as usual.

So I took it out of my bag, and look how perfectly it fits, its meant to be, it looks like that space was specially reserved for my Filofax, I didn’t even have to move anything the prefect space was already there!

In the picture is the following: -

PG Tips Monkey
Viking Direct Voucher
Buzz Lightyear Etch a Sketch
Boss’ Diary (nothing compared to mine!
Some random blue tack
And the other printer on my desk!

So I was wondering where do you keep your Filofaxes when at work?

I used to have mine down on top of my Delightful on the floor (it breaks my heart to know that I do not have a special desk to put my Delightful on. When I first got her I would put down a material napkin, no matter what the surface was to protect her from the mean harsh world, but I don’t anymore).

So to the matter at hand, my Filofax is my Totem as you may know (if you don’t read my previous post about Radical Self Love go have a look now, its only 3 below this one or 4).  And as its also my Radical Self Love bible, I need it next to me to write complements, and other things in, feelings moods (which I completely keep forgetting, and when your on HRT your moods are ALL OVER THE PLACE).

So as its Thursday, one part of the homework is to do a Things I love Thursday page, (Gala Darling does a post every Thursday with things she loves) I believe, and its also going to be interesting to do, so from now on I'm going to try and write one in my diary every day!

I thought I would list a few of the things I love on here too!

So I will write 10 things on here out of the 100’s I can think of!

  1. Marks and Spencer – They do magical lunch, I love to buy all lunch from there.
  2. Blonde Hair – I'm going blonde tonight I will do a before and after photo, that’s what tomorrows post will be about.
  3. Musings of a Caribbean Princess – She really has made my day by putting a link to my “What’s in my bag” post, hehe
  4. My Filofax – I'm feeling a lot of love for it at the moment, A LOT OF LOVE!
  5. London Trips – I'm going to London on Saturday and its my favourite place so I'm pretty excited!
  6. Bic Limited edition 2 colour pink and blue pens – as I seem to be able to just keep buying them from my local Tesco, I have around 30 now!
  7. Dzintra – The lady that drives me in every day, we have such interesting conversations, and the other day she bought me an eye shadow in pretty purple! Its like pearlesent! (ok I spelt that wrong but I don’t know how to spell it)
  8. Getting my Imy back – its nearly back and I feel good, I know most of you wont understand but I will explain one day!
  9. My friends, I have only recently started to get some amazing friends, I was pretty much friendless until around October last year! And now I have two friends who is see quite regularly, and I love them so much, they have really helped me!
  10. Online friends – I do not know what I would do without them, I don’t think I would of come out the other side the way I have, I would never of been able to help all these people if it wasn’t for all them supporting me! I love you all so much more than you can know!

So that is 10 of my things I love Thursday!

Today at lunch I'm planning on getting on with my Radical Self Love homework as its such awful weather and I went to M&S this morning to get my lunch so I have no need to go out!!!

I am seriously so excited about getting my hair done tonight, I wonder how it will look? I will be so disappointed if she cannot die it blonde, anyway good luck imysworld with your hair lol!

Much Love <3 Imy xxx


  1. Yay! I am glad I brightened up your day although I was so busy yesterday I added the link to your post really really late!
    I am glad you are getting your Imy back :-) Your posts and videos are such a breath of fresh air and always delight me too!
    have a nice day! Looking forward to seeing your new hair colour.

  2. Oops forgot to say that your pink finsbury is WONDERFUL!! I am a pink and purple girl too. Only thing is that I am not brave to show up to work with a pink filofax. even though I own several. haha. I already think that the professors dont quite 'get' me. But my crimson red Malden is lovely too.

  3. Thank you :-)

    Your blog is so magical to read :-) When i have a spare moment i like to look over all your posts and read different things always cheers me up :-)

    Dont feel embarressed!!! There is nothing to be embarressed about, your a girl who loves to be organised :-) lol xxxx

  4. I'll second that, CP is awesome :D and yay for hair! Post pictures!

  5. Alannarama: I have just posted the pics :-) xxx

  6. So enjoy your blog! Love your pink Fins--I have an A5 in pink and personal and mini in raspberry. So much better than boring colors.

    Will check out Gala Darling's Radical video...have a lovely day!

  7. It took me a while to find the PG Tips Monkey and the Buzz Lightyear Etch a Sketch. haha.
    Filofax looks great, and I love your Things I Love Thursday, I might steal it. :)
    I think it's really interesting that you've gone back to A5 size...what are you going to do with your Cuban Zip?

  8. Do the radical self love thing

    and rori do the things i love thursday i cant wait until thursday! :-) yay

  9. Hi Imy,
    I'm late to the party, but wanted to let you know I love your pink Finsbury. Your You Tube video inspired me to get an A5 (OK, I got two of them). I posted a link to that video in my blog--hope that's OK. Contact me if not (total novice blogger here.)

    I have a Chameleon and an Adelphi, but I'm thinking my next one might have to be a Finsbury!

  10. Cindy - Yeah tahts fine, i love the insides of your Filofaxes!!! Tehy all look sOO NICE!!! Very pretty are you on Flickr? :-) x