12 May 2011

Roller Skating Dreams!!!

This is another Roller Skate kinda post!

Well first of all I have to show you these AMAZING videos I found a few days ago, (one mainly because it was an advert on the TV) and yes the advert has sold me that, I want to get some and see if it improves my skating ability!

So here is the first, it’s a advert for Lucozade

Lucozade Advert 2011 - Sport Lite - Feat. 'Louder' by DJ Fresh

Not only did they sell me the drink but they sold me the song, I’ve pre ordered it, and its not out until my birthday!! How random 3 July!!!

I think it’s a sign im going to be amazing at this stuff!

I want to be able to skate that well and do that dance and just flow as easily as that!!!

Well this is mine and my friends first attempt at skating since around the age of 16 lol Interesting I do agree!

Here is how to do cross overs, I tried doing it when I used to ice skate and I sorta nearly got it but it was like totally hard and I would love to do it, my main thing for my next skating session is to get my confidence up more and get better!!!

I really just want to work out my roller skate too, there is something wrong with it, it turns too much, like when im going straight down a hill my left skate trys going right and I keep trying to correct it and gets major speed wobble, its terrifying!!

I found this from Lucozade too its how to do some of the tricks in the main video so exicted I want to learn them!!

I also want to get some sorta outfit for roller skating something nice…hmmm any ideas people!

I found out today there is a Roler Derby team in Cornwall! How amazing is that, I would love to do it but im too scared!!! I wouldn’t have any one to go with, ive always dreamed of doing something like that as I love rollerskating but the tryouts are tomorrow and I cant get there.

I will film how i get on on the weekend :-)


Much Love <3 xxxx

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  1. yay skates! i play roller derby, it's an amazing sport, you should give it a go. it's really really hard work, you have to push yourself and especially if you're as unfit as I am (I've actually thrown up after three-hour practices before) but it is SO rewarding and you learn so quickly, the first time you skate really really fast or knock someone over or get up superquick after being knocked over yourself, there's such a sense of acheivement there that personally i've never got with other sports.