16 May 2011

Radical Self Love Discussion - Sunday 15 May


I had a little discussion with some lovely girls in the Radical Self Love group last night on Facebook, was so fun!

Thought I would do a small post on what we discussed and what I think about things, and some ideas that came up etc…..

So one thing we discussed was the times, we all thought it was starting at a different time, I think something got confused in the time conversion! I was online for 2 hours 20 mins in the end and I have a funny story half walk thought to tell you!

By the way, next time we will have a list of all different countries time zones to make it fool proof ;-)

After we discussed that we decided to go on to the radical self love, these things are not in order of what we discussed them in just some random order, as I wish I had made notes or something, I just looked through what had saved of the conversation this morning!

Role Models

We discussed our role models, mines lady gaga, and someone had an amazing idea which I have pasted below, but I couldn’t find her name, so if it was you just say!

Make a vision board, or mood board, with all your Role Models and inspirational people on! Have pictures up so remind you have they all look and how they show their confidence etc..

I am going to do this idea soon, look through my pile of old magazines and anyone who looks inspirational I will cut and paste hehe

About dealing with confidence and being an extrovert

Well I'm not confident very often, this is going to take a lot of explanation.

So I can go up to random people chat to them, when I was younger I even used to jump on random people and hold on for my life! But now days I'm a lot more shy and quite (especially around my boyfriend) I don’t know why, I can easily talk to people but find it a lot harder to trust them!

So I am going to try and be more confident and outgoing this month (except for the fact I do not have much money so that might ruin my plan a little bit).


We spoke a bit about jealousy but I cannot really remember what I said much…

And we also spoke about people who are there one minute your best friend wanting to do anything then they get a better offer and are out of the door in seconds! We don’t like those people!

Goals for the Month

We discussed our goals for the month, they ranged from finding a job to doing more dancing etc, there was lots but here is a list of mine!

·          Be able to Roller-skate Freely and Easily

·          To learn tricks on my roller skates!

·          Go to a roller Disco

·          Be More Confident

·          Manage my money better

·          Do a blog post ever week day!

As you can tell I'm quite in to roller skating and as roller skating is exercise it kills two birds!

Just to tell you my story before i tell you the homework we came up with...

I was going to get pizza and my bf had to go to the toilet, so i thought i would swing on the pull up bar, as i swung it ripped off the wall and i went flying, amazingly i didn't get hurt and i am fine, but it was so funny!


Now we decided we should set some homework for the next discussion and this is what we decided on! 

Write a story about what you want to be in the future or have pictures etc, you can do it how ever you want, as in a written story a mood board with pictures of things you want to achieve etc, you can adapt this in anyway you want!

It can literally be to your own specification just to five you an idea of what it will be, we wont have to see your Homework, but we can discuss it and see how our ideas differ!

I will let you know when the next discussion will be!

Much Love <3 xxxx

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